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Very nice! Great to see Luna in your e-poster (Teadira). Thanks Teadira:)

good example of what to do. Thank you for your help (Pilar) A very lovely Glog!! It’s a melting pot (Chaouki)

Amazing views, outstanding music, thanks a lot!!!! (Cristina)

HI Miguel! Nice to meet you again. Manchester workshop was great! Meeri. Hey Meeri. Yes, it was and one week we learned so much! (Miguel)


Public university

British Council

2. Yarly Arista


Nice. People on the left bottom corner are your family, Yarly? (Miguel) I really enjoy the beach, too! (Barb) I love the song and the decoration, Yarly. Looks great! :D (Evelyn) Same here, I love the beach too! :) (Marie-Hélène)  Well done Yarly! (Nina)

Lovely beach and lovely family. Congrats (Pilar) Love Brian Adams! Great picture!!  (mlaura) Congrats!! Your glog is so nice. You are so pretty and you gave a special flavor to the song. (Chaouki)

Great pictures (María Irene)

Your glog is co colourful. And I miss warm weather so much. It is so snowy and cold right now here:) Meeri

I like the photo so much and the song cute :) Ola

3.María Laura Bargas


A Bon Jovi fan!:) (Miguel) Thanks for sharing the video of the Iguazu Falls :) (Teadira) A great mix, Mariel! Very nice glog, María Laura. Congrats! The video with the waterfalls is so peaceful. Thanks for sharing. (Evelyn) I’ve always wanted to visit Iguazu Falls! Love Bon Jovi, too! (Barb) What a great picture of yourself Maria! I love the videos too. (Wendy)

Gorgeous glog!!! I love the Iguazu Falls :) (Marie -Hélène)

Nina: How did you link the picture of the Falls to the video? Cool!

I’ve already been to Niagara. I’d visit Iguazu as soon as I can. And other places in Argentina, too (Pilar) Nice Glog!! Your  choice of the colours is great! (Chaouki)

Your presentation is great (María Irene)


Bilingual center in Buenos Aires (Yuly).

4.Wendy Gough


I enjoyed the images from Japan and also the ‘witches’  (Phil). Love the Kamakura picture...& you definitely love singing (Miguel) What beautiful glog you've created! Wow! I love your photos. (Evelyn) Beautiful. I bet it’s such a nice experience to teach in another country and learn about your students’ culture and language (Yuly). What a small world! I lived in Nagoya for 7 years--your glog brought back some great memories! (Barb) Nice glog, Wendy! (Nina)

Gorgeous blog!! Thanks so much!! :) (Marie-H.)

Great to know about Japan. I’ve always wanted to learn about it.(Pilar)

A great glog!! Beautiful pictures and design!! Hope to visit your country some day! (mlaura) Wendy, your glog is great!! I love your pictures. I wish I could visit Japan. Thank you (Chaouki)

I liked a lot the composition you made with the pictures (María Irene) I really like the images you chose and how you arranged them. You’ve presented a nice combination of your personal and professional self. (Wanda)


Wendy lives in Nagoya, Japan and teachers at a college there. She is also an accomplished  yogo instructor. (Rae)

5. Phil Cozens


Great. I can see you made this presentation using the Glogster Edu. It has great potential for class presentations, doesn´t it?(Miguel) Thanks for sharing your class photo (Teadira) You glog looks great. I love your photos! (Evelyn) You’ve taught in some really interesting places! How did you like team teaching? (Barb) It was a really great experience and I probably learnt far more than the students. (Phil) It sounds like you’ve had some interesting teaching experiences. How do you like Macau? (Wendy) It’s much colder than we’re used to, but it’s an interesting place. (Phil)

Wow! You are making ius dream Phil!!!! I love travelling! :) (Marie-Hélène)

I like how you included more text without fancy bells and whistles. It's very informative and the photos support the text very nicely. (Nina)

Very informative.Thanks (Pilar) Awesome teaching experience!! Thanks for sharing glogster edu! (mlaura)

Your travel experience shown in those sand dunes is marvelous. (María Irene)

You really love your job, don’t you Phil? (Carolina)


University of Macau

6. Chris


Great wall Chris!! Hey what about Spanish:)

Teaching, learning and imagination should go together!(Miguel)

Interesting!  (Jeanne)

I followed your link to NaNoWriMo--congratulations! (Barb)

Wow, Chris, this is impressive! I love learning languages too but you have me beat! (Nina)

Hi Chris! I’m sorry, I created mayhem in your name & link... I’m so sorry! Could you fix it for me please, i tried but could not. Apart from that, I LOVE your glog. SOOOOOOOO impressive! :) (Marie-H.)

Wish I could speak so many languages. It’s fantastic to get in touch with so many interested people (Pilar) You really love languages!! Very interesting info! (mlaura)

Your glog shows really nice pictures and ideas. (María Irene)

Awesome glog! Interesting quotes, and pictures! I agree with Nina I like languages too, but you are more ambitious than I am!(Misty)


   x   X   


Teaches EFL in a language school in a city in Germany (Carolina)

7.Mariel Amez


Ah you love romance!!! Next to Mr. Harmer. I do admire him quite a lot. Are you subscribed to his blog? (Miguel) Yes, & I follow him on Twitter (Mariel)

I enjoyed seeing your glog!  (Jeanne)

Thx! (Mariel) A great mix, Mariel! Your academic life and fun activities look very exciting. Cheers! (Evelyn) Your holiday shots animoto was lovely! I would love to visit there (Colombia?) (Barb) I’m from Argentina but the Animoto is from La Paloma, Uruguay. I’m adding some maps now (Mariel)

San Andreas looks so beautiful as I sit here freezing in Japan! Nice poster. (Wendy)  Great glog! I also enjoyed Notting Hill. :-) Say hi to Rita Z for me! (Nina) She’s In England with sts now! (Mariel)

Thanks!! :) Great Glog!!! :) (Marie-H.) Great glog! So nice to meet somebody from Argentina. I’m from Bs As but my boyfriend lives in Rosario. (mlaura) Do you visit often? (Mariel)

Isn’t Harmer an extraordinary showman? I couldn’t stop paying attention to his presentations, could you? (María Irene) I couldn’t agree more! Have you seen his website for “Untouchable dreams”? (Mariel)


Language school, courses for Cambridge exams.

Teacher Training College (private funded institution and state funded institution) Teaches literature

Cambridge ESOL oral examiner


8. Chaouki M’kaddem, Tunisia


Great poster building!!!!:) And there’s a poet in our crowd…maybe you can recorded as a podcast! (Miguel) Great poster. I love your poem and video (yuly). The video you made is interesting, and I really enjoyed your poem--congratulations on winning! (Barb) Great video! It is so simple and easy to understand. (Wendy). Wonderful, Chaouki!!!! I love your work, not only the glog, but all what you do with images, videos, and especially, your poem. What a beautiful inspiration. I almost cry. No words. (Evelyn)

Great glog, Chouki, and I also love the poem, especially the part about being a friend to all kinds of people and living in harmony with other living things you share your space with. (Nina)

Tried to comment on your glog, but only classmates can :=( Great video and poem! (Mariel)

Great glog & fabulous peom!!!:) Thanks for sharing! :) (Marie-H.)

Beautiful and inspiring. Love poetry, too (Pilar) Congrats on your poem and your children!! (mlaura)

Your poem is really beautiful, congrats. (María Irene)

Love the poem, Chaouki! And the pictures! (Cláudia)

Your video inspires us to try something similar to teach vocabulary and many other things. Thankyou, Cha!ouki (Marcia)


Teach in Tunisian public schools

a prep school


9. Teadira Pérez


Ah Mérida. My fave place in Venezuela.

Say hi to your kids from me!:) (Miguel) Beautiful, Tea. I love your glog! I'd wish to be in Mérida. :D (Evelyn) Evelyn, you are welcome anytime (Teadira) I loved the video of your area, and the photos--I want to visit there! (Barb) Hi, Barb, I am glad you liked it. Mérida is a nice place to visit and live! You are welcome anytime (Teadira) Nice video! Great glog! (Nina)

I should visit Venezuela some time. Beautiful(Pilar) Yes, Pilar come and do not forget to include Mérida in your itinerary. (Teadira)

I liked your glog!! Guillermo Tells overture made me laugh. (María Irene)

10.Jeanne Dunnett


Lovely pictures of your husband, your daughters and you. I saw the Longwood Gardens picture and felt sort of relaxed and calm. (Miguel) It's so sweet and inspiring! Great glog, indeed. (Evelyn)

Ah! Listening to Mr McCutcheon has been a treat, thank you!! (Chris)

Great looking family, Jeanne! Your campus looks lovely, too--wish I had a courtyard like that! (Barb) Your glog looks so good. A courtyard would be so nice to have at my school!

Lovely poster. What a nice way to present personal information! (Dorothee))

I love hammered dulcimers so I really enjoyed the McCutcheon video! Looks like you may live kind of near me (MD). (Nina)
Thanks a lot! I didn’t know Mr Mc Cutcheon! :) (Marie-H.) Lovely family! Thanks for sharing this music! (mlaura)

I simply love the performance! (Claudia)


Community college and a state university in Connecticut (Yuly)

11. Yuly Asención


¡Ay, caramba! You’re sitting so close to the edge of the canyon there Yuly!! (Chris) Great glog! And you added links to your spanish course and blog!!! Way to go!!! (Miguel)
Nice poster Yuly.  I would be interested in knowing a little more about your concordancing research. (Phil) I like your glog! Thanks for including a link to your class blog--I loved the voicethread of your students! (Barb) What a traveler! And your technology blog is a great resource! (Nina)

I loved your blog. I’m determined to start one with my class soon (Pilar) What a beautiful Glog, Yuly!! I love it (Chaouki)


I found no audio!! (chaouki)

Sorry, Chaouki. It must be working now.

Spanish at Northern Arizona University.

Could you add the Podbean link? (Mariel)

12. Rachid Laanani


the boat picture!The moving arrow forward & backward

was nice, yet I can’t see the relevance of .  Hi Rachid, in spite of the arrows your glog looks neat!!!=) Love the pictures (Miguel)
I really liked the boat, where was it? (Phil)

I like the pictures, but the arrows make the glog a bit busy. (Wendy)

Is that you on the boat (aacckk!!)? I’d like some text to know what the pictures are and where they were taken. (Nina) What a cute animal!! (mlaura)

I agree, he is awesome! And excellent inspirational music :P If I hadn’t already done my poster I know I would be up for it after that! :) (misty)

Wow! Hats off for your glog!! (Chris)

13. Barb Sakamoto


Love the video with the kids Barb! It’s nice to see someone else in Japan. (Wendy). Really lovely to see your kids acting out their chants. Great websites. I wonder what it´d feel to touch an iguana (Miguel) I love your glog, every single detail, but especially the Pechu Kucha and the kids’ video. Fantastic! (Evelyn)

Those kids are adorable! (Maryanne) Super glog, Barb! The little girls are beyond cute and having such a good time! Your Pecha Kucha presentation really made me think! Great job! (Nina)

Great job Barb!!! :) (Marie-H.) Great!! You seem to work really hard! (mlaura)

I enjoyed your glog... many different kinds of activities,techs and family... great!! (ida)  Enjoyable Barb.  I’d like to know about your use of Second Life. (Phil)  I  just started a  series of blog posts about it, Phil: http://www.teachingvillage.org/ (Barb)

I started my first glog today. Yours is amazing. The video with the kids is fantastic. (Marco Vieira). Lovely glog. I love it very much especially children acting (Azhar)

Loved your glog, especially your “underwater” video - great presentation!


Teach children in her home and seniors at a local community center (Azhar)

14.Annie B


Hey love your glog. What´s your avie´s name in Second life? (Miguel) Golondrina Bracken :-)  Nice glog but I’d like to see your picture on it. For some reason the links aren’t working. Do you teach all those languages? (Nina) Thanks Nina and Miguel.  I’ve fixed the links and added a small photo now.

Annie I love your glog..it seems professional..have you done it before? (Eleni) Just once Eleni, it’s easier the second time.  Nice glog Annie!  I like the pictures you used.  (Jeanne)

It has such a  stunning look!  The wiki link  should be http://thelanguageworkshop.pbworks.com/w/page/22087323/FrontPage  So multilingual! Great! (Mariel)

Awesome!!! :) (Marie-H.)

I also had trouble with the links, but the glog is superb.(Pilar)

Great layout! (mlaura) Really nice, and as others have said, interesting (Phil)

Like the glog Annie. Really nice sound quality on the podcast, is that a crackle of logs on the fire I heard there?! (Chris) Yes:-) !


Annie works mostly at home, but also in local restaurants, as well as online using Skype, WizIQ & sometimes Second Life (Chris)

15. Dorothee Rölli


Loved the video on having children.  It’s right on target! (Maryanne)

Loved  everything!!!! Great picture, great videos!! !Thanks so much for sharing! :) (Marie-Hélène) Doro, I love your glog. The background and decoration are great. I also love the Mother song video. I see myself there, ha ha ha. (Evelyn)  I love it too! I re-enjoyed the Mom song (how true!) and I also love the Taylor Mali slam. Love your smile in that photo! (Nina)

I like the music!! (mlaura) Hi, I collapsed laughing at the Mother song.  Thanks! (Phil)

I have no words to praise your work.  It’s a fabulous glog, Doro.  Thanks for sharing your sense of humour.  (Cristina)

Guys, we may live in different countries, but being a mom is about the same!!! I Just LOVED the video. Thanks for sharing! (Kátia). I like your glog very much, Doro, especially the mom song. It is fantastic (Azhar).

Dorothee, so very interesting your glog. Thanks for sharing! (Claudia)

16. Nina Liakos


Hi Nina..How are you? I like the way your glog reflects your life and of course I like Glykeria too!!! Great job as always.Greetings (Eleni) While watching your photos I enjoyed Bach. Sublime! Your class is a quite diverse cultural group. Great! (Miguel)  

Hi Nina, Great music! I like your glog!  We’re not too far away.  I’m in CT but my daughter lives in Baltimore. (Jeanne)

Wonderful glog & music!!! Thank you!!! :) (Marie-H.)


Thank you for your glog, Nina. I also enjoyed it a lot I like your glog!! (mlaura)

Hi Nina, Your Glog is splendid!! It shows how good you are as a mother and as a teacher. thanks for sharing!! (Chaouki)

Thanks Nina, I enjoyed your glog. (Phil)

You might edit your blog and add: “Marie-Helene’s saviour”!!!! :) LOL! Thanks again!!! :) (Marie-H)

 I really loved your glog, so great to be sharing . (Lenio).

Thanks for letting us know you more!! Beautiful glog! (Caroina)

Thanks to you all for your kind feedback! (Nina)


University of Maryland, USA (Johanna)

Maryanne Burgos


That Rhythm Renewal would be great for my evening classes at the uni=) Every teacher should watch the Educational Challenge video! Food for thought (Miguel)

Everything so interesting. How can you manage to do so many things? (Pilar)

Awesome glog, Maryanne! (Nina) Great video!! (mlaura)

Hi Maryanne, nice glog and I agree about the animation from TED, it was great. (Phil)


Maryland, University in Buffalo New York (Meeri)

18. Eleni Argyriou


"Mama mia here I go again!" That song brings back good old memories..=) (Miguel)

Great blog & music!!! :) (Marie-H.)

One can see you’re really into music! (Pilar)

That’s a beautiful piece by Hadjidakis which I had never heard before. Thanks for sharing it! (Nina) I like the layout and the music! (mlaura) I agree with mlaura on the music and layout (Phil)

WOW!!! Amazing music! (Kátia)

I’m a fan of Theodorakis, too, and Nana Mouskouri - when she sings in Greek.(Marcia)


Eleni is an EFL teacher in secondary education (Lenio)

19. Marie-hélène Fasquel (aka Marie or Marie-H.)


Hi, everyone! Not easy to choose among one’s interests !!! :) (Marie-H.)

Nice work, Marie-Hélène! (Nina)

Loved the Monty Python! (Mariel)

I shouldn’t have listened to the song. I can’t stop singing now! And after so many times I’ve watched the movie, it still makes me laugh non-stop. (Pilar) Nice family! Exciting activities! (mlaura) Like mariel and Pilar, I loved the movie and I’m a Pink Floyd fan too. (Phil). Here´s another Pink Floyd fan!!! Nature and a rose never stops to impress me! (Miguel) And me, Pink Floyd Yay! Sweet glog (Annie B)

Great glog Marie-Helene!!!!  Wide range of interests and likes. I also love gardening and family life.  (Cristina)

Woaw, I’m so impressed: it’s a wonderful glog!!! It really gives people an idea of who you are (very sweet indeed...) (Helene)

Very cute  glog! How are your sailing lessons going? :o) (Johanna M)

we have had 2 & will have quite a few more in May & June! We love it! :) (Marie-H)

It feels like you have a wonderful life Marie! (Carolina)

Thanks for your awesome comments!!! :) (Marie-H)

20.Anna Conway


Hi Anna, I think that your background image was superb and thanks for sharing your family. (Phil). Yes great wall! Lovely familly and Shania Twain rocks!:) (Miguel)

Hi Anna: Pretty glog with your family. (Ida)

Lovely family & great Glog!!! :) Thanks for sharing! :) (Marie-H)

Hi Anna, very nice glog. I also liked The Kite Runner (but I liked A Thousand Splendid Suns even more!) and I love everything Bill Bryson has ever written! (Nina)

21.Pilar Garabana


Hi Pilar, I liked the imagess and the different places you’ve been. (Phil). Bagpipes sort of stirs your emotions! (Miguel) A Celtic woman after my own heart!  Loved Carlos Nunez and The Chieftans and the dancing...Annie B

Hi Pilar: Nice family!! very musical glog. Love it..!!( ida) Hi Pilar, your glog is splendid!! It tells who you really are! (Chaouki)

Awesome blog!!! :) Thanks for sharing! :)(marie-H) Thanks for the video on St James Way.  I really want to do it someday(diana)

Great glog, Pilar! Thanks for sharing the Galician music video. I love it! (Nina)


22.Lenio Bousia


Hi Lenio, I think your glog - and your students’ one - are great.  I would like to know more about your virtual world experiences. (Phil) Hi,Phil, thank you very much! I ll send an email tmr , it’s late in greece!(Lenio). Like the idea of clicking on your glog wall and being taken to videos, pictures, and wiki project! Amazing the virtual city guide! (Miguel) Hi Lenio.  I enjoyed your glog.  I like all the surprises when I click on an image! Loved this glog Lenio!  Loved Ithica and the children’s song especially.  Annie B.

Love your glog Lenio! Awesome song & cats! :) (marie-H)

LOVE it.! Your glog is very creative. I enjoyed the videos! (Johanna M)

Glogs within glogs!  This glog is so rich, so full of links and music and other stuff!  And I like the plain white background, which makes everything show up so clearly. (Nina)


Great glog. I really enjoyed the recording, nice music and wonderful message (Meeri)

Primary school in Thessaloniki, Greece


23.María Irene Albers


Oh my! María, when I listen to that music I love my country even more in spite of the you know who! (Miguel)

Hello Maria, I like your photo there, it’s very intriguing :)) Nice soundtrack too, the pace of it is ideal, thank you :)) (Chris)

X Today, I finally could upload my podcast, yeeeessss.

24. Ida Sessarego


I agree that this is a good tool Ida and I liked the surprise from the hidden soundfile. (Phil) . My favorite Beatle´s song: Accross the Universe...Jai guru deva om...Nothing´s gonna change my world...(Miguel)

NEAT!! !Thanks a lot!!! :) (marie-H.)

Great work! You did show us part of who you are! (Carolina)

I like your garden:) Meeri


Ida Teaches English at Universidad Santa Maria

25.Carolina Lapointe


Nice images Carolina.  The volcano looks impressive. (Phil). Interesting lyrics for “Peace is just a word” in the voice of Annie Lennox! I love Annie, you got me up dancing with that!  I have a dear friend from Arequipa - I knew as soon as I saw the volcano it must be there :-)))) she’s described it to me.  (Annie B)

Thanks a lot!!! NEAT glog!! :) (marie-H)

Love the flowers, great glog Carolina! (Chris)

Hi Carolina!  I suppose the Picanteria should have very spicy food! Nice pictures!!! (Johanna M)

Thank you all for the comments! Funny thing Johanna, nobody had anything spicy!

- thanks Dear, i really like your work :). Lovely and flowery glog. I admire it as I like flowers very much. By the way, my name means “flowers”. Thanks for the video (Azhar).


Carolina  teaches at private university.

26. Misty J.


Hi Misty, nice blog.  I like the Burj Al Arab image on your song.  (Phil). That kitten made my day...LOL..Believe it or not I was dancing to Ocean eyes;) (Miguel)

Thanks a lot!!! :) Nice glog!! !:) (Marie-H)

Nice glog Misty! That kitten just keeps on trying :)) (Chris)

I like your glog, it says so many things about you. Thanks for sharing (Cristina)

The music, the colors, the pics, fantastic glog!!! (Carolina)


Misty works in Dortmund (Germany) in a high school called Phönix Gymnasium. She’s also a volunteer and helps kids learn English (Helene)



Love Italian food and that picture of Torino is really, really outstanding!!!! (Miguel)

WOW!!!!! you made me hungry!!! :) Lovely pictures! You look so radiant! :)


How nice that you can get back into Biology.  Enjoy!  Maryanne

Great glog!!! I love Italy, the food and views.  You really look fantastic in your rollerskates!!!!! (Cristina) I think Italy a place to date and relax(Zelma) Diana, your glog is such a welcoming space. I really enjoyed it. (Wanda)

Great place to live! I’m always trying new Italian dishes. Lovely glog! (Carolina)


Diana teaches in many schools but she enjoys teaching Biology in english at an International High School  the most.

28.Sameh Tharwat


Hey! Great to see Sameh in action. Wonderful classroom pictures. (Miguel)

Great glog!!! :) Thanks a lot! :) (marie-H)

I especially like the type of tag you used for the text.  Cool! Maryanne

Thanks for the flowers : ) (Kátia)

 I can tell you are a caring teacher! (Carolina)

29.Cristina Reboredo


Lovely photos and great Mafalda cartoon. Maryanne. That´s my favorite Mafalda´s cartoon strip-”And if it´s happiness” (Miguel)

Thanks for your nice comments. (Cristina)

Ahhh, you didn’t scare me! Hahaha, nice glog. (María Irene) Love those witches! (Diana)

Great pictures & awesome mafalda comic! :) Thanks a bunch:!!!:) (Marie-H)

30. Johanna Mora


Wow! Did you make that sushi computer?! Your glog looks really cool :) (Misty) Hi Misty! No, I didn’t do it, but that picture represented the computer and food at the same time, two things I love! :o)

very impressive glog!!! Thanks a bunch!!! :) (Marie-H)

What a great glog collage!  Very creative!  I especially enjoyed the sentiments of the kitty cat!  (Maryanne) And another little kitten has made may day=) (Miguel) I like task-based learning, too! (Wanda)

( Loubna FLAH) Hi jhoanna, what a lively Glog are u living near the volcano wow that’s amazing :) By the way, what is ”Activinspire” program about?


Johanna works in a cultural center in Costa Ricca.  She has worked there for 4 years.(Diana)

31. Katia Falcomer


AH Brazil!..tarara rarara...Brazil..Brazil...Lovely family!=) (Miguel)

Great glog! I love the video :-) (Helene) Inspiring video and a great tune - thank you :)) (Chris)

Taking part in these workshops is showing you are a supportive teacher! Great glog! (Carolina)

- thanks katia your are welcome. your poster was great. (Sameh)

32. Helene Morzadec


Hi!! i can’t visit the glog. The link does not appear.. (Marie-H)

Same here :(   (Kátia) Hey I can see Helene`s glog. Reallly neat and lovely family!=) (Miguel)  Link should work now(Chris) Great idea Chris!!!!!!! (Miguel) ;) The Lives of Others is an outstanding film! (Chris)

Thank you so much for your help, I didn’t know what to do... and it took me so long to do my glog because of my poor internet connection, I was quite desperate I must say :-) (Helene)

AWESOME glog! Love the pictures & the film! Huge hugs :) ) (Marie-H)

Great pictures  Meeri I

Hi, i like your picture with the feather! great glog(Lenio)

Thanks a lot for your sweet comments:-) (Helene)


33. Wanda Huber


Interesting To-Do list Wanda! Pablo Neruda is one of my favorite poets! (Miguel)

I like your To do list Wanda!. It’s about things that really matter. (Carolina)

As caroline just said, fabulous “to do” list! Awesome stance on life!!!! :) (Especially the “podcasting” bit!!! :) LOL) THANKS for sharing!!! :) (Marie-H)

Great poster, Priscilla

34. Meeri Sild

My Glogster 

Lovely and warm glog, Meeri. I like the background very much. Also, you have three wonderful videos (Azhar). Meeri. Lovely Glog. I think we met back 2006 in Manchester. This confernce given by Gavin Dudeny and some other people, I believe (Miguel)Wow wonderful clips, Priscilla

Your city is absolutely gorgeous! Seems the setting for a fairy tale! I must confess I didn’t know it before. Shame on me! (Mariel)


EFL teacher in secondary education and teacher trainer in ICT.

(Eleni Argyriou)

35.  Azhar Youssef  

My First Glog

Oh my! That kid has/had an amazing voice! His name´s Declan Galbraith! He is 19 now! (Miguel).

Azhar, my dream is to visit Egypt!!! (Claudia)

A moving song!Congrats on having started your Ph D Azhar! (Carolina). Thanks Carolina. It is kind of you (Azhar).

I love your glog especially the hieroglyphic background. I, too would love to go to Egypt with my family. I also plan on doing a PhD about web 2.0 tools. Welcome my dear at any time. For your PH D, in which area you are going to use web 2.0. I wish you the best of luck (Azhar).

Fantastic, Azhar!

Hi Azhar, it is Loubna from Morocco, I like the richness of your glog, wish u the best for your PHD. Your are investigating a brand new subject and your country will benefit a lot from it:)


Suhag Secondary school and a trainer in a center (chaouki)

36.Rae Roberts


Happy to see you were able to upload the video. Creativity in Education is one of my favorite TEDTalks videos. (Miguel) I still can’t figure out how to get music to upload or how to upload my own video. any suggestions from anyone out there? They just “process” for hours, but never finish loa

ding- even very short ones of a few seconds of music or video. I am using google Chrome. (Rae)

Lovely, Rae! I especially like the notebooks (the one with the Frost poem and the teacher trainer one)--how did you do that? (Can the pages be turned?) (Nina) I wish the pages would turn. I just used one of the glogster option to select and drop from their list.  I was wondering if you noticed that on the poem that there is a slide on the side to read it all.  Let me know if you noticed it when you first looked at the glog,  as that would be good feedback as to if that feature is effective or not. Thank you Nina. (Rae) No, I must admit I didn’t realize I could scroll down the first time.... at least I don’t think I did. I was surprised that your podcastlet started automatically when the glog opened. Did you do anything special to make that happen? (Nina) When  you are in text edit mode, you can choose one thing to begin automatically-it is on the far right-little gears looking symbol. e(Rae)


Rae doesn’t mention a specific workplace in her glog audio, but she has done teacher training in Cape Verde Islands, Mali and Jordan. (Nina)



(Loubna FLAH) Hello dear Violeta. I  love the juxtaposition of the pictures. It tells a story of joys and successful teaching. I love linguistics too , wish u all the best :) Interesting the video on how Chile has changed! I´m sure you will start teaching with a whole bunch of new great ideas!:) (Miguel)

Great photos of your students! You’ll get back to the classroom one day with lots of new strategies and ideas that will make teaching an even richer experience! ( Marcia)

38.Susan Blanco


Wow! Beautiful and warm glog. You have great family! (Azhar). Great Voicethread and a quite controversial topic. (Miguel)

Thanks Miguel. The voicethread topic is from the book, “Ties that Bind, Ties that Break” by Lensey Namioka that my level 3 Reading students read.

Nice glog, Susan. Do you live in Peru? Or is your husband from Peru? (Nina) Very interesting use of voicethread and interesting topic. I am wondering how Chinese students would feel about the topic. is it a sensitive topic? I don’t really know. (Rae)

My husband is from Peru and we went there in December. 


39. Agnieszka Kandzia


Lovely pictures! (Maryanne). Animals have got this almost therapeutic thingy! Just caressing animals between their ears is magic. Yellow Steed: magnificent music! (Miguel)

Great colors on your glog, Agnieszka! I too love animals. I have a cat back home in America. She couldn’t come with me to The Netherlands, but she’s a great therapy to me when I’m stressed. Best wishes! - Mary Worrell

40. Marco Vieira


Nice contrast between black and white  and the  colourful Portuguese pictures that seem vibrant with life. Bets of luck :) Cool wall, Marco. Queen, the best rock ´n´roll band ever!

Hi Marco! Great Glog. My partner just got back from a weekend in Porto and said it was beautiful. What a great place to live. Best wishes! - Mary Worrell

Nice photo of the Ribeira, Marco. It’s a little too far to go to eat ‘rojoes’(I love that dish)! (Marcia)

41.Loubna FLAH


:) “My mum makes me come!” Love the video. Greetings to you all from Portugal. (Marco)

Thank u Marco, best regards from Morocco :) The Joys of Teaching a Foreing Language. Gre8 vid: “Who needs English, anyways”LOL (Miguel)

Nice glog, Loubna, but no audio yet :-( (Nina)

It is there now, you can enjoy it :) Hi, I enjoyed your recording and the music in the background. I love Morocco and hope to return soon. (Rae)

Thank u Rae, you’re most welcome in Morocco.

Well actually, I am a teacher trainee at the ENS, I don’t work there.:)


Loubna is from Morocco and works at the ecole normale (Rae)

42. Claudia Almeida


Nice meeting Dusca, Casca & Barbie! Olé...what fiery, passionate music! (Miguel). Your glog is so romantic. Its background is lovely and the video is so charming. By the way, welcome to Egypt at any time (Azhar).

Claudia, I googled you and when you say Flamenco is your passion it’s because you dance it!!! I’m I right? Wow! (Carolina)

I love your colors and themes. The food looks great. The dancing is absolutely superb Claudia. (Phil)

Nice flamenco video! (Nina)

43. Mary Worrell


You Look wonderful while riding your bike. I also like to collaborate with others. We can make a lot of things together (Azhar). Hey Mary. I love the Netherlands. I´ve been there twice! (Miguel)

44. Teresa Almeida d’Eca


Great Teresa! (Miguel)

45. Marcia Yingling


Marcia. Can you check the URL of  your glog? I am always taken to Glogster main page. (Miguel)  OK, this is my second attempt - it works this time (Marcia). Lovely glog, Marcia. I’m waiting for your podcast in your glog (Azhar).  

Teaching TESOL online.


46.Zelma Laurini


Great Zelma. Good job!!!! I can see you figured out how to paste the URL here (Miguel). Love the colour of the trees & that waterfall looks impressive! (Miguel)

(Loubna FLAH) Hi Zelma, nice crafting and nice family :)

Zelma, what country are you from? Those trees are gorgeous! You have a lovely, soft voice - perfect for podcasting! (Marcia)

47.Trevor King


mmm..Hiking that´s something I have gottta do a bit more. That Victorian building screams history. Might have been interested to have studied there. (Miguel)

I think your choice of photo is perfect, Trevor; a snippet of your life and your country’s history all in one, yet clean and simple. (Marcia)


European School



Yes I teach in Sec at European School Luxembourg1

49.Rachid Laanani


Hi Azhar Didn’t you notice that my glog too is titled “My first glog”. Lovely glog, Rachid. I love its background and words. Like you, I admire learning and trying new things. Don’t worry about the book place. Although I’m crazy about the net, I like reading books very much. Every tool has its own taste. We should choose when and where we use them. I’m waiting your podcast in your glog (Azhar).

(loubna FLAH) Hi Rachid, I am also a Moroccan like you, glad to have u on this sessions, I love the symbolism in your Glog. Best of luck

50. Lada


Hi Lada, you have some interesting images here. (Phil)

Hi Lada! Very nice glog. I’m waiting for your podcast. Are those pictures about your family? (Johanna)

Hey, that is a cozy Golg there :)

Moscow State University of Printing Arts


51.stace leza


Hi Stace, I loved your lively glog, I was transported for a few minutes away from the damp weather outside here (Trevor)

Teaching English for 14 years in state secondary school in Trinidad and Tobago. She is also currently the vice-principal of her school.

(Eleni Argyriou)