I. President’s Report

        A) Amy Chua event. AAJA will split costs with A3, It will cost AAJANY $500 for food and Chua transportation. 125 AAJANY members are allowed to attend, so far we have 60 rsvps. Chris, Sital, Bea, Maria , Ed voted yes on the food and transportation. Despite some disagreements about Chua’s travel expenses, voting members agreed that since AAJA originator Jeannie Park is organizing the event, better to split costs and create a better relationship with A3.

        B)Scrabble Fundraiser- Debate continues on whether on not to continue this annual fundraising event. Last year, board members spent too much time planning with little return on profits. No one has taken ownership of event so far. Possible vote on whether to continue event this year.

C) No update for NYT breakfast/brunch event set up by Sital.

D) AAJANY Calendar for the year: upcoming event Baseball in the Park set for date June 25th. Sital will source out listserve opinion on annual baseball event and whether to change it to a picnic instead. Paul mentioned picnic with scrabble boards.

E) Corky Lee’s photo exhibit is coming up June, Sital is working with Corky to sort out details.

F) Advisory Board- No updates.


II. Secretary Report

A) 32nd CAPA festival- Bao Ong and Vicki An is in charge this weekend. Asian American writers will be signing and selling books at AAJANY booth. As of now they need at least 2 volunteers. Event will be from 12-6pm.

B) No updates on website/facebook yet. More to come before next board meeting

III. Treasurer Report

A) We have 50,961.44 in the bank.

IV. VP Digital

A) Bea and Brooke are working on the DTD (Digital Training Day) @CNN this coming May 21st. They have opening slots for only 25 members. Wordpress expert is needed at the event to help teach. Maria had passed along Bea to ONA contact Niketa Patel.  Maria will set event up in eventbrite. Paul has volunteered, if there are no other options.

V. VP Print


        A) Ed is linking up with Asian American Writers Workshop to come up with upcoming “How to Publish your Book” event this June. How to make movie event is still in the works

 VI. National Reps

        A) Motorcity Mixer- Helen is working on logistics, Annalisa is the board rep. Mixer will take place after the DTD May 21st. Approved $500 budget that will cover $300 pre-registration raffle and $200 cover drinks. Maria, Bea, Sital, Paul, and Annalisa voted. $5 raffles will be sold during the mixer event and also online. Winner must be present at the event.

        B) NABJ leaving the UNITY convention this year won’t affect programming and workshop quality according to Paul. Convention will be more intimate and still worth attending.

C) Paul is getting together with Sachin and other previous AAJANY active members to put together fundraising event by the end of this year.

Meeting Details

Location: Conference Call

On-site Board Attendees: Sital Patel, Maria Sandoval, Chris Chang, Annalisa Burgos, Bao Ong, Bea Hundal, Paul Cheung, Anna Shen, and Ed Lin.