The  Belmont Bulletin              Created by Rochelle McGregor- Smith                         Volume 1 Issue 1

"Education, broadly defined, includes the entire process by which culture is transmitted from one generation to the next. Throughout the world the home is the crucial factor in determining children's overall performance."

What is Academic Counselling?


Academic Counselling is a parent, student and teacher conference held at the beginning of each term. It is an individualized activity where each student completes his or her Student Development Form under the guidance of at least one parent in the presence of the homeroom teacher who proffers advice when necessary. The form facilitates the tracking of the students progress by having the child write in the grade he got last in each subject area, the grade he intends to get the next time around and strategies that  he will employ to ensure that he gets that grade.  

"The first and primary educators of children are their parents. The school is aware of this fact but, unfortunately, the same is not always true of the families themselves; it is the school's responsibility to give them this awareness."

 Why is Academic Counselling Important? 

Academic counselling is important to all the stakeholders. It helps to keep the student focussed and on target. The child will know whether or not he’s progressing and whether the strategies he’s using are working. The child  does not get to the end of the term to find out his or her status in the school. It keeps parents up-to-date  on the performance of their children. It provides important data on the students’ overall performance for the school. This information is used in the decision making process.

 What the Student Development Form Looks Like

Name: ______________________________





Grade I got Last

Target Grade


English Language



Integrated Science

Social Studies

Research Skills