Pocket Frogs: Strategies

By: Dbhjed


Basic idea of how a game should work:

For me it is supposed to start out long and boring with only a few things to do and some hurtles, then being able to move fast in the middle of the game. Then after hitting a certain point having the game slow down again as you grow levels.

--Parts of the game--

Main Parts:

Frogs - These are the main part of the game, you can buy, sell, breed, trade and catalog these

Habitats - This is where you store your frogs and decorations

Decorations - Put these around your habitats to make your frogs happy

Catalog - You can store 50 frogs in here, frogs you stored can be bought for 3x max value

Froggydex - This saves the frogs that you have or once had

Awards - This part of the game is optional but gives a goal

Mailbox - frogs or items sent/brought from the pond, shops, people, promos, or the catalog are sent here

Requests - During game play the AI asks for certain frogs, the reward is coins, stamps, or potions.


Pro Shop - You can buy Potions and Stamps with real money from here, more things might be added in the future

Supply Shop - This inventory changes daily, you can buy decorations or habitat backgrounds here with in game coins. Items bought here are sent to the mailbox

FrogMart - This inventory changes daily, you can buy frogs here with in game coins. Items bought here are sent to the mailbox


Neighbors - From here you can view your neighbors/followers habitats and frogs

Plus+ - From here you can add friends, look at achievements, and see leader boards

--Game Play Elements--


The pond is used for many different things in this game.

Taming your frog - Eat flies to tame your frog, amount of flies is determined by worth of frogs

Presents - The pond is the only place in the game where you can find presents. They are either yellow(common) or red(rare), the red ones contain more expensive items. Presents contain the following: Coins, frogs, decorations, stamps, potions, habitat backgrounds.

Breeding - Simple you can breed with any frog in the pond as long as your active frog is tamed and mature.

Eating flies - Doing this has multiple purposes. Flies positively effect: Taming, Maturity, and happiness


These are used to hold your frogs and decorations. You can have up to seven habitats including the nursery you can have up to eight habitats to store your frogs. Each habitat can store up to eight frogs and seven decorations. You start out with one habitat and can buy more with in game coins. Your level limits how many habitats you can have.

You can select a frog here and do the following: Breed, go to the pond, gift, catalog, sell or move.

**According to Nimblebit the current design of the game is meant to only have eight habitats and up to 64 frogs. No more will be added in the near future since it will slow down the game and unbalance the current game play.**


Potions are used to mature your frog. Each Potion matures a frog four hours. As of right now you have to fully mature your frog when you use potions. Potions can be acquired from: Presents, Requests, and when you level up. This item can also be bought from the Pro Shop using real world currency.  


Stamps are used to speed up delivery of items from the mailbox and to send a frog or item to another user. Each stamp advances delivery time by four hours, as of right now you have to fully deliver the item. To send an item/frog to a neighbor it only takes one stamp regardless or cost and level. Stamps can be acquired from: Presents, Requests, and when you level up. This item can also be bought from the Pro Shop using real world currency.


This is a special habitat with the ability to hold frog eggs. It can also store frogs as well. When a frog breed from a habitat or pond the offspring is sent here.Only eight eggs or frogs can be stored here. The nursery is also the only habitat that decorations cannot be placed. Frog eggs cannot be moved from the nursery.


There is where frogs, decorations, and habitats are sent until they are delivered. The current mailbox can hold up to eight items. Stamps can be used to excel the delivery process. With compatible iOS devices an alert can be set to go off when the item arrives.


This part of the game is optional but fulfilling awards rewards with xp. Just breed frogs to match the criteria for the award. These frogs can be easily traded for other awards.


During game play the AI requests certain frogs from the player, you can breed the frog for the request and get awarded with coins, stamps, or potions. The amount given is usually very high making it very advantageous to complete, but you can always decline them. One request can saved at a time and a new one will not be issued until the current one is either fulfilled or declined.


Up to 50 frogs can be stored in the catalog. This is useful since habitats are limited to 64. Catalog plus habitats allows you to have 114 in game. It costs nothing to store frogs in the catalog but to receive a frog from it will cost 3x of the max value (if a frog was worth 50 coins it would cost 150 coins to order it (50x3=150). Frogs ordered from the catalog are sent to the mailbox for normal delivery.


This is one of the core elements of the game. Breeding allows you to mate two frogs to produce offspring. Frogs can be mated unlimited times but not until they are tamed and mature, frogs of a higher rarity than your current level cannot be mated. Breeding also cost in game coins with the gain of xp in the amount of coins spent. (100 coins = 100 xp)

Breeding will produce an offspring with traits from the two parents. Each frog has three different traits to give to their offspring. Base color, pattern color, and pattern design effect the outcome of the offspring. If all three traits are different then the child could be one of 8 variations, if the two parents share a trait the offspring will naturally inherit it.  

Mutations - This happens in rare breeding events where the offspring can have a different base color or pattern color. Right now the base color mutation is glass and the pattern color mutation is chroma.

XP and Leveling:

Levels are another core element of the game. Achieving higher levels allows access to more frogs, habitats, and supply shop items. Advancing levels awards stamps, potions, and coins. Levels are determined by XP.

XP is earned from breeding, taming and completing awards. The higher rarity of the requests and frogs result in higher XP

--General Help--


Here is what I do:

What I have is all the base and secondary colors in my catalog as Anura(they are cheap to order and take 30 mins or 1 stamp to deliver), then have all the patterns out in the habitats (since they cost a lot more and take a lot longer to deliver). When I need an achievement, I order the two Anuras (one for base color and one secondary), breed them to the right colors, then I take the pattern I need and breed until I get what I need. I found that this works greats. Space has never been an issue for me.

Frogs taking too long to mature:

If you want frogs faster use potions. If not well then time = money.

You can get potions from the pond, leveling up, or IAP.

If you want to hop around the pond you can find some (as you level up the you can get more potions in the red gifts). Leveling up nets you some. Or if you really don't have time fork up some green. Thus the freemium idea.


Also once your frog has hatched, taking it to the pond and catching flies also matures your frog 1-4 mins.

No room in mailbox:

Stamps have the same freemium idea. We don't have to use the items anymore in the mailbox since the "X" was added, but you can also decline items before they get there in the first place. You can tap "No Thanks" for pond presents and "Sell" on frogs being sent to you.


I also have never had an issue with the red X since Nimblebit put in the confirmation. There are plenty of flies in the pond and gifts stay on screen if you only jumped a lillypad or two. I would hate having a message pop up all the time. The "x" speaks for itself. If you have to explain something then it is probably too complicated.

Making Money:

This doesn’t play that much role in the game besides breeding and buying more habitats. What I did when needed was, breed frogs, if you breed two of the same frogs the cost is only half of what the frog is worth, this makes it when the frog is mature, tames, and 100% you get double your investment. Also the pond is great for giving away money. The red gifts gives give you 200-800 depending on your level. Also breeding helps with XP.

Leveling up:

This seems to be people’s biggest challenge in the game, but it can be worked through as well.

Leveling can one by in four ways

Breeding frogs – nets you as much XP as it costs you to breed them

Taming frog – each frog you tame nets you some XP from 3 – 1,100.

Achievements – nets you 1,000 – 10,000 XP and the ones that contain frogs can also give you xp from breeding and taming your frogs.

Flies – Yes flies give you some XP the big ones give you 10 XP when you eat them.


Helpful tips: Breed and sell – this works well if you have extra money to sell, instead of keep your frog to maturity just breed and then just sell the egg for 1 coin. I call this Money Leveling

Here is how the game went for me:

Level 1-5 were the beginning, frogs aren't worth much, get almost no xp

5-12 were the middle, the game moved smoothly, These levels had the most action

12-16 took a long time but it got a lot of money and the frogs are a lot nicer frogs

Once I had more money then I leveled up by breeding it takes around 9 hours for 1d 21hr frogs to hatch so I had a rotation

Before Bed: make eggs and move baby frogs

Before Work: make eggs before and move baby frogs

Before Dinner: make eggs and move babies frogs

sometime one step had to be skipped for a time delay, but it worked well using only 2 habitats and the nursery

I moved from 12-16 in a matter of 5 days.

Getting all the achievements was a nice hurtle and helped with the XP for the middle levels. I made some and traded. Having an organized catalog and habitats helped with that.

Simple rules: 

Keep it organized - Design you Catalog and habitats to keep time and cost low

Keep it simple - no need to explain

Freemium - Remember this is free to download but things cost

Time = Money - no need to explain

Think Ahead - You don't always have to accept things, higher levels mean longer wait times

In closing:

I think Nimblebit has balanced this game right. I've gotten all the achievements and never had an issue with space. If my habitats got full I traded, sold, or gave away some of the frogs I have sitting in them, I also have 5 habitats reserved for all the patterns. 3 is plenty for achievements.