1. You can write questions with the question or the answer first.  

2. Include a * or - between the answer and the question (* is preferred)

3. Only hit “Enter” after you have finished with the question (don’t add extra line breaks)

Example 1

Polar bears white fur is an example of this*adaptation

Which biome is located around 30 degrees latitude?*desert

The biome at this latitude has only pine trees and 2 seasons*55-65 degrees

The biome at this latitude has a very hot and humid climate with lots of trees and animals*0-23 degrees

Which biome is located above 65 degrees latitude?*polar biome

If a zebra came to Omaha and started eating animals that are part of our food web, it would be called this.*invasive species

An omnivore eats this*meat and plants

An animal that eats only plants is called*herbivore

The equator is located at this line of latitude*0 degrees

This biome is located around 35 - 55 degrees latitude.*four seasons biome

When all the plants and animals work together in a chain of energy within an environment, this is called.*food web (or food chain)

Example 2

Traits * a feature or quality that is inherited from your parents (eye color, hitch-hiker thumb, etc.)

Genes/Chromosomes * clusters of genes that hold the code for specific traits

Human Chromosomes *  Humans have 46 total chromosomes; women have two X chromosomes and men have one X and one Y chromosome; the other 44 are the same.

Other Animals * Every animal has a different # of chromosomes from 5 - 155, the number does not mean it is more complex

DNA * de-oxy-ribo-nucleic-acid  - this is the building block of all life and holds the instructions for our entire body.  It is stored in the nucleus of every cell of our body.

Mendel * the man who discovered how traits are passed to offspring by studying pea plants

Heredity * the process by which traits move down from generation to generation

Allele * One letter in a pair that represents a trait (“B” and “b” are separate alleles in the gene “Bb”)

Dominant * the most common trait - like hitchhiker thumb (symbolized by a capital letter), if you’ve just one of the dominant alleles you will have the dominant trait

Recessive * the less common trait - like a straight thumb (symbolized by a lower case letter), you must have two recessive alleles for the recessive trait to show

Heterozygous/Hybrid * Two different types of alleles in a trait (examples: “Hh” or “Yy”)

Homozygous/Purebread *Two of the same types of alleles in a trait (examples: “PP” or “pp”)

Genotype * The type of alleles you have (Aa or AA or aa)

Phenotype - What you look like (hitchhiker thumb or not)

Mitosis *Process of cell division when all (46 in humans) chromosomes are copied

Meiosis * Process of cell division when half (23 in humans) of the chromosomes are copied