Webcasting for Special Events at Collegedale Community Church


  Two-person team for wedding or event ($70 per hour, two hour minimum)

  Server connection fee allowing unlimited number of viewers ($15)

  CD containing video footage ($40 for 1-10 copies) optional

CD and Recording

Immediately after the wedding, we can provide a data CD with the webcast on it, but it is IMPORTANT that the bride/groom understand that this is NOT a substitute for a professional videographer. Our video shots are limited and are shot from the back of the room--not from the stage, nor from the floor of the sanctuary--in order for the webcast viewers to see the faces of the bride/groom, they (the bride & groom) will need to face the audience.

We also do not provide editing services, so the CD will contain the video exactly as it is shot--mistakes and all. However, the bride/groom can have someone else edit the footage if desired.


Please note that in order for your viewers to HEAR you, you must speak into a mic at all times. It is IMPORTANT that you take this into consideration during rehearsal and it is your responsibility to make sure that whoever is running the Audio equipment has provided enough mics so that anyone speaking can be heard by the webcast audience.

Audience Viewing

To see the live webcast, your audience should go to www.CollegedaleCommunity.com and follow the links on the page to view Live Webcast.