Theresa, again thanks for reaching out.  I am confused however.  In your email you are asking Claire about a restraining order for "all FDIC employees" when the court order references SFG and not the FDIC.  Are you suggesting that really you do not care about the so called SFG employees, and are solely concerned about the civil servants at the FDIC instead?  I thought Claire Cotter no longer worked for the FDIC, so how would she have access to such knowledge when you do work there!  It seems backwards you would be out of the loop but a non governmental employee would have such knowledge.

I would again like to invite you to appear on the Rob Shilling show today at 12:05 in Charlottesville so you can explain your lawsuit against me and this most current action which appears to target our Nation's 1st amendment rights.  You might also suggest that Old Dominion National Bank listen because at some point the communities everywhere are going to know of their banks participation and they may want to be prepared to explain either why they have been silent all along while hundreds of jobs have been destroyed or a million other questions that I cannot possible come up with but the communities they serve will want to ask.  Yes, banks can be asked questions too.  It is hard to keep secrets these days Theresa, even with an institution as powerful and intimidating as the FDIC.

If you give Rob a dial in number I am sure he will include you with equal time.

Halsey Minor