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                  Criteria For Determining

                  Whether A Wage Is Just

                 1.You cannot assume a wage is just

                   because someone is willing to accept


                 2.The lowest full-time paid person at a

                   company ought to be properly

                   compensated to allow the person a

                   standard of living consistent with

                   human dignity.

                 3.Your primary obligation is managing

                   the company as a going concern for

                   the benefit of all the stakeholders

                   (investors, employees, customers, and

                   community), recognizing that these

                   are not mutually exclusive.

                 4.The right of all employees of the

                   company to earn a living wage is at

                   least as important as the right of

                   owners/investors to earn a reasonable

                   rate of return on their investment in

                   the company.

                 5.If the above four criteria are met:

                      Owners/investors, since they risk

                      their capital, are justified in

                      earning a higher level of

                      compensation than generally

                      prevails among their employees.

                      Managers are also justified in

                      earning a higher level of

                      compensation, because of their

                      assumed responsibility, level of

                      talent, and experience.

                For more information, write to:

                Business Executives For Economic Justice

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