Tyler Phillips

Lab A2



Hello class my name is Mr. Phillips, I’am going to teach you some volleyball today. We are going to do the overhand serve, so if everyone can partner up. You, two, two, two, and you can do three.

First off, the most important thing is getting in that athletic stance, knees bent very comfortable. Your going to have your dominant hand here, and your non dominate foot forward. So you’re going to be opposite. So your going to hold the ball out here, make sure you come back, and your going to lead with your elbow its very important to keep your elbow up here. And your going to follow through just likes your throwing a football. And, or just like your giving someone a high five. So turn to your partner, get in that athletic stance, make sure your lead with your elbow and give your partner the high five. That’s where your going to hit the ball, the middle of your hand to the palm of your hand, and that’s where your going to follow through hit the ball and it should go straight your going to work on control right now, you don’t need power or anything. So if everyone wants to grab a ball and come stand on the red line over there. Everyone face the wall. Back up to the green line so you have some space here. And your going to do as we said your getting n that athletic stance, I’m a lefty so I got my left hand up here, right foot forward, your going to throw it up to your self nice and easy, lead with your elbow, and follow through slap it with the middle of your hand, hit it up against the wall, bring it back, and try that a couple times by yourself.  Try to get more control lead with that elbow and follow through. All right good. Everyone watch Bryan do the overhand serve. His knees were bent his elbow is forward and he’s got a lot of control, the ball comes right back to him. Danielle you wan to show? Good. Ok now ere going to get together with our partners from before, I know theres one group of three, that’s fine. One line over here on this blue line and the other line on this blue line. ‘Were going to do the same thing but now with our partners, so we only need one ball for each group. And were going to aim that elbow towards our partner, and follow through. That’s it go ahead. Try and get the ball a little higher. Ok good. Frank can you show us. And Danielle again. Good that’s it next class we will work on bumps and sets.