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Sunday, April 1, 2012

 I. Call to Order

II. Reading of the Minutes

III. Officers’ Reports

  1. Big 6 for Social Change& Elections-Jessica DiPietro
  2. Third Friday- Sarah Jansson
  3. Earth Day- Shanita Williams
  4. Big Event & Renter’s Fair-Katherine Mooney
  5. Multicultural Week - Emily Pinkham
  6. Recycle Madness- Tanner Shepherd
  7. Constitution- Kevin Aikins

IV. Reports of Special Committees

1.  House & Senate Budget Cut- Mike Bengston

V. Special Orders

VI. Unfinished Business

a. Second Readings

  1. Garden Club
  2. Philosophical Society
  3. Gymnastics Club

VII. New Business

  1. First Readings
  1. National Society of Leadership

VIII. Announcements

IX. Adjournment

Reminder: In order to stay recognized, all RSOs must do the following each semester: attend 3 Forums and participate in 2 recognized events (or 1 recognized event and 1 community service activity that is logged with the Volunteer Center).

Recognized Events                                                         Remaining Forums

                                                                        TETC 153, 7pm

Big Event 4/14                                                                April 12( 3:30)

Third Friday 4/20                                                        April 22

Multicultural Fair                                                        May 6

Recycle Madness 4/24

Multicultural Showcase 4/24

Earth Day 4/26

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