Next Generation (may work inhouse)

Gigavision and chamber camera driver software

Image visualization

PhenoCapture - Computer vision


Now Generation (data/methods available here)

Hardware at Scale

Mountain top or tower

Spatially distributed

Chamber and Greenhouse


4 Heliospectra L4A 500W Programmable LED Light Source

4 RGB-NIR IP Cameras

Real time imaging of plant growth and development in climate controlled plant growth chambers

2 sets of paired RGB/NIR cameras will be installed in 4 chambers for compound stereo imaging.

Chamber A and B will have fixed focus and zoom for rosette plants

Chamber C and D will have autofocus and zoom to capture vertical plant growth

Fluorescence spectroscopy will be possible from each camera configuration via illumination from each unique LED light band. The signature reflectance spectra will reveal the sub tissues (leaf hairs, etc) and developmental dynamics of specific compounds including photoprotective, flavanoids, anthocyanins, carotenoids, and xanthophylls. Leaf transpiration is recorded with IR cameras, and the hyperspectral camera will probe into novel areas of plant physiology, development, and genetics.