Using the HTML Editor Moodle ISU 2


The HTML editor of Moodle ISU 2 is a software application used to create web pages.

This guide will help you understand:

Using Toolbar Icons in the Moodle ISU 2 Editor

Icons on the toolbar may be used to assist you with formatting, inserting, etc into your webpage. This is the default method, and it is intuitive.  

The First Row of the HTML Editor

        () -  choose font style

        () - choose font size


        () - choose paragraph style

        () - undo

        () -  redo

        () - find a word or phrase within text

() - find a word or phrase within text and replace it with a different word or phrase

() -toggles to full screen mode

The Second Row of the HTML Editor

() - bold

() -  italic

() -  underline

() -  strikethrough

() -  subscript

() -  superscript

() -  choose line alignment

() - clean up messy code

() - remove formatting

() -  paste as plain text

() - paste from Word - for more information, see the Cut and Paste from Word to Moodle ISU 2 Handout

() -  select text color

() -  select background color

() - direction to left or right

The Third Row of the HTML Editor

() - Bullet list

() - number ordered list

() - outdent

() - indent

() - add a link

() - remove a link

() - prevents automatic linking (from links that are created automatically by Moodle ISU 2)

( ) - insert or edit picture

() -  moodle media. You can add sound, video and other media using upload method or link from private file.

() - insert non breaking space- character

() - inserts special characters

() - inserts a new table

() - Toggle spellchecker

Using HTML in the Moodle ISU 2 Editor

Those who are experienced with coding HTML webpages can use these instructions to edit a page.

  1. Click on the Toggle HTML Source icon() to view the editor page.
  2. Type in HTML code. You'll then see the code that comprises the webpage.
  3. Once you have completed typing in the code, or editing the extant code, Click Update.

To save your webpage, Click on the Save and return to course icon located at the bottom the screen.

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