Blue String Game


To show how quickly information can be spread around by technology.


2 balls of blue string or wool (you can use other colours)

Small section of plastic pipe or some other simple strong ring/short tube


Give one ball of string to a person at the front of the room and the other ball to a person at the back. Now instruct the group that they are going to pass/throw the ball around the room. instruct them to keep hold of the the string/wool when the they throw the rest of the ball on. Explian that in the end everyone should be holding onto at least one string. You should have a complicated web of string all over the room. This could descend into chaos so keep a close eye on the group.

Once you have your web of string pass the two people you started with your plastic ring/tube. Ask them to thread the ring onto the string and then the challenge is to see who has the most effective network. Who can pass the ring all the way to the end of their string the quickest.

Teaching point

We live in a world full of quick and easy connections communications is quicker and more convenient then it ever has been before. Information can be spread around very quickly by text, blue tooth, email, picture msg, instant messenger, facebook, twitter, blogs and individual websites. Once you have passed on some information you have no way of knowing where it will end up.

Possible expansions

Write a short note just a couple of words or a tiny drawing on the ring/tube to show that it is information that is being passed around the room.

Have string of different colours to show overlapping networks