Crusades Lesson Plan:

(Wrap up whatever needs to be wrapped up from previous class)

Do Intro presentation (10 minutes) -

Split class into half without letting them know they've been split in half.  There are two versions of the worksheet 1 with docs from Christian perspective, the other with docs from the Muslim perspective.

Have students read docs and answer questions (10-15 minutes)

Have students pair with person next to them to share answers (make sure they're using the same documents) (2 minutes).

Have students share out answers to questions from SECOND document - put up on board during T-Chart.

At some point, students should be "Like WTF?" or something - at which point, keep on going with the T-Chart.

Then ask students who read Pope Urban's speech to share their reasons for going on the Crusades.

Then ask students who read Saladin for their reasons for going with him.

Have a discussion about what happened: suggested questions -

- What surprised you during class today?

- Why were there different opinions?

- What happens to historians who don't look at all sides?

- What happens in life when we don't look at all sides?

- Do you think students in America have always been taught both sides of the Crusades?

- Do you think there are students elsewhere in the world now who are not taught both sides?

- Do you think not being taught both sides of the Crusades could effect current conflicts in the world?

- Does the past determine our present?  Or is it just our memory of the past that does?

[Please mention Bin Laden is still pissed off about the Crusades]