Restore Drivers

PC Updater helps you restore drivers in the event that you are

unhappy with a driver update that you’ve installed.  All backups

are saved as logs and are listed under on the ‘Restore’ tab on

the ‘Backup’ menu.

Select a backup and click ‘Restore Backup’ to restore it, or ‘Delete

Backup’ to remove it from the list.

You can choose one of the following two Reboot settings:

Prompt me if a reboot is required - PC Updater will always

ask before restarting your system.

Reboot automatically if required - PC Updater will automatically

restart your system when necessary without asking first.

Select Drivers to Restore

When you select a backup to be restored, a list is displayed in a new

window. The list shows the drivers of all the devices, or the devices

included in the backup. Check  “Select All” to select all the devices,

then click “Restore.”  Alternatively, check specific device(s) to restore

the associated driver(s) and then click “Restore.”

Your computer may require a restart to complete the process

of restoring the backups. Continuing to work on a system with

an incomplete restoration process may cause serious system issues.

PC Updater will prompt you for a restart.

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