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Minutes of the meeting held at Bethany Methodist Chapel

 on 29 October 2012


Tideford Ward:        Cllr T May, Cllr A Hodge, Cllr S Yates

Polbathic Ward:        Cllr S Barnes, Cllr Mrs V Sullivan

St Germans Ward:        Cllr D Elliott, Cllr G Mackeen, Cllr Mrs A    


Bethany Ward:        Cllr I Davey, Cllr Mrs H Gillbard

Public participation

There were no members of the public present

1.        Police Report

            No report had been received and no officer was present. 

2.          Apologies for absence

            Apologies had been received from Cllr Skelton who was on holiday and from

            Cornwall Councillor Olive Eggleston who had a conflicting appointment

3.        Approval of the Minutes of the meeting held on 24 September 2012

            It was proposed by Cllr Elliott and seconded by Cllr Davey that the minutes be

            approved. All were in favour and the minutes were signed by Cllr May

4.        Matters arising from previous minutes

4.1       Highways – Ongoing Issues

            Street Light for Quay Road, St Germans – WPD will send an amended plan

            to Cllr Skelton who will get it signed by Port Eliot and we can then proceed

            with the installation

            Polbathic Car Park Signage – Cornwall Council advise that all free car parks

            are being reviewed and no new signs can be provided at this time

            Road condition from Catchfrench to the A38 – Cormac will inspect and

            arrange for any appropriate remedial works

            Vandalised speed limit sign, St Germans – Cormac will clean/repair this

            B3249 Polbathic to St Germans – The resident has contacted Highways with

            the positions of the warning signs and road markings

            Parking at St Germans Primary School – the school advise that they have

            no  alternative but to advise parents to park in Lower Fairfield but would

            welcome any suggestions to ease the situation

            No HGV signs at Penquite – we await the estimate for the signs

4.1.1    Highways – New items

            Bridleway between Penewin and Barahead Cottages – enquiry about its use

            and that it is blocked by parked cars. The clerk was asked to write to the

            owners of 2 Barrahead Cottages to see if anything can be done

            Safety issue crossing the B3249 from Doctor’s Lane to Fairfield, St

            Germans – A resident has written to Highways to express concern at the lack

            of pavement, traffic calming and signage. All agreed that the Parish Council

            will support any recommendations of Highways to resolve this situation.

4.2        St Germans and District Twinning Association – Cllr Barnicoat reported

            that a medieval Banquet had been held in September. They now have 110

            members and the AGM will be held on 23.11.12

4.3        Parish Precept 2013/14

            The Finance and General Purposes Committee met on 10.10.12 and agreed a

            proposed budget sufficient to meet all anticipated expenditure. The Clerk

            circulated documents showing the budget for 2010/11, 2011/12, 2012/13,

            actual expenditure to 30.9.12, estimated expenditure for 2012/13 and the

            proposed budget for 2013/14 for the approval of the Parish Council.

            The Committee agreed that Clive Murphy should be re-appointed as the

            Internal Auditor as he is both competent and independent and his effectiveness

            will continue to be monitored.

            The proposed budget of £53329.28 is a reduction of 3% on last year.

            It was proposed by Cllr Elliott that the proposed budget be accepted and this

            was seconded by Cllr Mackeen. All were in favour and the clerk will claim

            this as a precept from Cornwall Council once the paperwork is received.

4.4       Parish Council Funds

            The Finance and General Purposes Committee met on 10.10.12 and agreed to

            invest £20,000 for a fixed term in order to achieve a higher interest rate.   

            There was some discussion and interest rates were considered. It was proposed

            by Cllr Hodge and seconded by Cllr Elliott that £10,000 be invested for a 3

            month period and £10,000 for a 6 month period. The clerk will arrange this

            with Lloyds Bank.

4.5      Code of Conduct

           The final updated version for Local Councils in Cornwall was distributed to

           all Councillors. This will be carried forward to the November meeting as the

           Parish Council are asked to adopt this single code for Cornwall. The Interim

           code was adopted at the meeting held on 25.6.12  (see item 4.3)

4.6      Skateboard Ramp for St Germans

           The Recreation Group has confirmed that they are still fund raising for the

           project and are not yet in a position to install the ramp. The clerk was asked to

           write to the Recreation Group and advise that although the Parish Council is

           happy to guarantee the funds for a 2 year period, the position will be reveiewed

           annually as part of our usual finance meeting.

5.        Play parks

            Digley Associates have forwarded their annual inspection report for both play

            Parks. The report will be considered and any necessary repairs will be carried


5.1        St Germans

            It was decided to monitor the algae on the wet pour surface and the tarmac


5.2        Tideford

            Reducing the hedge height around the play park – the alternative estimate

            from South Coast Landscaping was not received as the job was too big and

            they do not have the necessary equipment.

            The quote from Quercus put forward at the September meeting remains. Cllr

            May called a site meeting for 3.11.12 at 10.30am and Cllrs Davey, Barnes and

            Elliott will attend together with Quercus to fully inspect the trees.

6.        Burial Ground

6.1       The clerk called the molecatcher on 30.9.12 which was noted

6.2       Complaint regarding the new sign asking visitors to restrict vases to one per

            plot. Also complaining that the site has been spoilt. The clerk was asked to

            reply, confirming that there had been no change in the regulations        

6.3       Request from H G Stacey Ltd for a Memorial Tablet at Plot F12 for Alec

            Hooper - approved

6.4       Request from H G Stacey Ltd for a Memorial Tablet at Plot CR22 for Thomas

            Gwynfryn Richards together with a matching vase – approved but there may

            not be the space for a vase as well

6.5       Cllr Davey had obtained a quotation for various options to fence the new

            boundary. There was much discussion on whether to opt for chain link fencing

            on concrete posts, sawn post and rail, stockfence and 2 plain wires on wooden

            stakes or 5 strands of plain wire on wooden stakes. As whatever fence chosen

            is to be planted with a beech hedge, it was proposed by Cllr Davey and

            seconded by Cllr Yates that the stockfence and 2 plain wires on wooden stakes

            be used. 9 Cllrs were in favour, Cllr Elliott objected on the grounds that this

            option was not suitable for the burial ground and did not show any respect.

            The clerk will check that this is acceptable under our Planning Consent.

            Cllr Davey will get a price for the beech hedging and will advise the

            contractor accordingly.


7.        Finance

7.1       Quercus invoice for the second cut of the footpaths - £550

7.2       Cornwall Council invoice for the Nut Tree printing for Jan & Feb 2012 –


7.3       Barclays confirmation of the Community Account closure and a cheque for

            £56866.92 which was paid into the Lloyds account

7.4       Cornwall Mole Catcher invoice for £50

7.5       Quercus invoice for grass cutting and hedge trimming at Treland Park - £705

7.6       Bank Reconciliation carried out at 5.10.12 – Total Balance £71194.46

7.7       Donation of £1500 towards the cost of the public toilet at the Eliot Hall as

            recommended by the Finance & General Purposes Committee. Cllr Elliott

            declared an interest and took no part in the decision making process. Cllr

            Davey proposed that the donation be approved. This was seconded by Cllr  

            Mackeen and all were in favour.

7.8       Burial ground fees of £75 paid in by BACS from H G Stacey for 2 Memorial

            Tablets – see 6.3 and 6.4

7.9       Quercus invoice for the strimming of Treland Park and dealing with a fallen

            tree - £600

7.10     Clerks expenses for October 2012 - £49.25      

7.11     Douglas Tonks PAYE invoice for Clerks salary for October 2012 plus their

            admin fee - £519.54  

            It was proposed by Cllr Gillbard and seconded by Cllr Barnes that all finance

            items be approved. All were in favour.

8.        Planning Applications        

            The following applications have been received by Cornwall Council:

8.1       PA12/06695

            Land at Polmarkyn (Adj A38) Trerulefoot                  Port Eliot Estate

            Application for advertisement consent for the display of 2 roadside advertising


            Mr Richards from Truro has objected to this application and has raised similar

            objections to signs at the Carkeel roundabout and the Hatt junction.

            The Ward Members supported the application and our response was required

            before this meeting.

            The Planning Officer subsequently advised the clerk that he was

            recommending refusal and gave 5 working days for further comment from the

            Parish Council.

            After contacting all Cllrs the clerk responded to again support the application.

8.2       PA12/06968

            Catchfrench East Lodge, Trerulefoot                            Mr J Weale

            Change of use of agricultural land to residential curtilage for Catchfrench East

            Lodge and construction of a 3 bay oak barn with slate roof to match roof of


            It was proposed by Clrr Davey and seconded by Cllr Gillbard that support be

            given to this application and all were in favour.


8.3       PA12/09928

            Route 38, Trerulefoot                                       Mr S Bowden Route Restaurants

            Construction of new ‘front of house’ extension to form new entrance and

            coffee lounge

            It was proposed by Cllr Barnes and seconded by Cllr Gillbard that support be

            given to this application

            This application had been received after the Agenda was published and will be

            carried forward to the November meeting for ratification

8.4       PA12/08855

            The Old Cider Press, Fore Street, St Germans                Mr A Trevaskus

            Change of use of redundant shop premises to domestic use as a storage area

            for the benefit of the existing attached house

            It was proposed by Cllr Elliott and seconded by Cllr Mackeen that support be

            given to this application.

            This application had been received after the Agenda was published and will be

            carried forward to the November meeting for ratification

9.        Planning Decisions        .

            The following decisions have been made by Cornwall Council which was


9.1       PA12/03929 – EIA NOT REQUIRED

            Land at Catchfrench Farm, Trerulefoot                      Elgin Energy Ltd

            Screening opinion request for 4Mw solar farm

9.2       PA12/06172 – EIA REQUIRED

            Land at Trequite Farm, Menheniot                             Elgin Energy Ltd

            Screening opinion request for 10Mw solar farm

9.3      PA12/06079 - APPROVED

           Ridge House, Trerulefoot                                            Jude Haulage

           Demolition and reconstruction of existing workshops

9.4      PA12/07033 - APPROVED

           Little Swallows, Tideford Cross                                  Mrs P Braund

           Demolition of outbuilding and construction of detached annexe, change of use

           of agricultural land to domestic curtilage and installation of a septic tank

9.5      PA12/08604 - APPROVED

           Heskyn Mill Cottage, Tideford                                     Mr C Clements

           Application for Non Material Amendment to PA12/03681 for extension and

           remodelling of dwelling house (resubmission of withdrawn application 

           PA11/09040);  namely 1. Replace proposed sliding sash windows with top

           hung casement windows of same pattern; 2. Replace proposed oak lintels with

           granite; 3.  remove proposed side entrance door

9.6      PA12/08463 - APPROVED

           2 Furze Park Lodge, St Germans                                Mr P Wheatley

           Construction of Victorian greenhouse, freestanding wooden garage and

           ancillary garden features to include formation of garden pond, 6 raised flower

           beds and picket fence

9.7      PA12/08464 – APPROVED

           2 Furze Park Lodge, St Germans                                Mr P Wheatley

           Listed Building Consent for the installation of driveway gates

10.      Planning Correspondence and Reports

10.1     Solar PV installation at Trequite – Elgin Energy offering a community benefit

            of between £56,000 to £80,000 for a 7MWp installation to a 10MWp

            installation to be shared with Menheniot Parish Council – noted

10.2     Cornwall Council advise that the Planning Application PA12/05854 in respect

            of Lanthrone is not yet scheduled to go to a Committee Meeting

            The developer advises that due to the business model in place they can only

            provide a lump sum payment, rather than a prolonged payment over 25 years.


10.3     Cornwall Council advise that our new Friendly Link Officer for planning

            enquiries is James Hills, Tel: 01579 341454, email:


            Invitation to the Local Council Forum on 13.11.12 at the Shire House, Bodmin

            from 5.30pm. All responses needed by 31.10.12. Noted

11.        Correspondence Received

11.1     Cornwall Blind Association thanking the Parish Council for the donation-


11.2     Invitation to the First Town and Parish Council Annual Summit on 3.11.12 at

            the Shire House Suite, Bodmin - noted

11.3     Agenda for the Saltash Area Road Safety Meeting on 15.10.12 and the

            minutes of the previous meeting on 16.7.12 - noted

11.4     Notice of Election for the Police and Crime Commissioner – on all notice


11.5     Cornwall Protect Wind Turbine petition on Cornwall Council website-        

            emailed to all Cllrs

11.6     Parish Online News – October edition. Noted

11.7     Leader Message to Members 25.9.12 - noted

11.8     Rural Services Network weekly email news digest - noted

11.9     South Western Ambulance Services Right Care Initiative – dialling 999 no

            longer automatically results in an emergency ambulance – poster on notice

            board and DVD available

11.10   CALC’s The Week – issue 27 and 28. Noted

11.11   SLCC news bulletin - noted

11.12   St John Ambulance advertising their new hard hitting awareness campaign –

            First Aid Heroes to be recognised at national awards. Noted

11.13   Leader Message to members 8.10.12 - noted

11.14   Cornwall Council Funding Bulletin – Arts and Culture – Business and

            Economy – Community – Environment and Heritage – European and

            International. Noted

11.15   Monster Play – Outdoor Fitness Equipment. Noted

11.16   Rural Services Network – Rural Opportunities Bulletin October 2012. Noted

11.17   Cornwall Blind Association enquiring about space in our Parish Magazine for

            an advert on behalf of their charity - passed onto the Editor of the Nut Tree

11.18   Nut Tree – October edition. Noted

11.19   Pub is the Hub – Local Community Services Champions in Cornwall. Mail to

            Cllr Sullivan

11.20   First South West and Wales invites you to take part in a short online survey –


11.21   Cornwall Council Town and Parish Localism newsletter – edition 10. Noted

11.22   Managing our Finances for Cornwall – Budget event for Town & Parish

            Councils on 12.11.12 6pm – 8pm at New County Hall, Truro. POSTPONED

11.23   Last chance to join Cornwall Together – 28.10.12. Noted

11.24   Wicksteed playscapes – win a playground makeover for a primary school or

            nursery school. Copied to the Under Fives

11.25   Cornwall County Playing Fields Association thanking the Parish Council for

            their donation - noted

11.26   Came and Company – Parish Matters, Autumn 2012 – noted

11.27   Cornwall Waste Forum St Dennis Branch have commissioned an independent

            review of waste disposal options for the county to compare with incineration

            following the failure of CC Cabinet to authorise this - noted

11.28   South West Coast Path 40th anniversary – The Great South West Walk. Noted

11.29   Torpoint & Rame Active Community Sports Network thanking the Parish

            Council for their donation - noted

11.30   HM Revenue & Customs – PAYE Real Time Information from April 2013.


11.31   SLCC - election of new chief executive. Noted

11.32   Rural Services Network – ‘Working together to deliver rural health services’–

            26.11.12 at Nottingham Forest Football Club. Noted

11.33   Cornwall Gateway CNA Panel – Agenda for 24.10.12 – Minutes of 18.7.12

            meeting – Notes of 31.7.12 meeting – Priorities and key Operational Issues.


11.34   Mant Leisure and Miracle Design & Play invitation to a Play Seminar at

            Goonhaven at 9.30am on 16.11.12 - noted

11.35   Bus service changes in the Cornwall gateway Community Network Area –  

            main services affected are bus services 572 and 592. Noted

11.36   Rural and Community Transport Schemes – funding is now incorporated into

            the Council’s overall budget for passenger transport managed by the PTU –


11.37   Cornwall County Playing Fields Association invitation to their AGM on

            20.11.12 at 6.30pm at St Erme Sports & Community Centre. Also they are

            looking for an Honorary Treasurer and Committee members. Noted

11.38   Cornwall Council Governance Review – a report will be presented to Full

            Council on 23.10.12 and the evidence report can be found at


11.39   Cornwall Conversations due to take place at St Ives on 6.11.12 has been


12.        Informal Correspondence

12.1     The clerk had received posters from the NHS for PHIL (Promoting Health

            Information Line) – on all notice boards

12.2     Cllr Gillbard reported that there was a bad pothole on the stretch of road

            between Catchfrench and the A38 that needed attention.

12.3     Cllr Gillbard reported that vehicles parking outside Beech House in St

            Germans was still a problem

12.4     Cllr Sullivan reported that the PL12 Hoppa Bus is doing very well. The

            original restrictions have been relaxed and they are now very flexible

12.5     Cllr Sullivan advised that Esther Richmond would be happy to help out with a

            revival meeting for the St Germans Cluster if the parishes were keen to get

            going again. The clerk will contact the parishes to ask their opinion and take it

            from there.

12.6     Cllr Sullivan reported that the Mayor of Torpoint is asking surrounding

            parishes if they would be interested in a joint contract for all grass cutting. It

            was agreed not to disregard this completely but some Cllrs thought we may

            not get the service we currently have.

12.7     Cllr Sullivan advised that a letter from REG WindPower had been delivered to

            all properties in Polbathic regarding a proposal to build a wind farm at

            Mendennick Hill. There are 2 public exhibitions to be held, one on 7.11.12 at

            Millbrook Village Hal between 3.00pm and 7.00pm, the second on 8.11.12 at

            St John Village Hall between 4.00pm and 8.00pm.

12.8     Cllr Sullivan had been told that the Council properties in Fairfield, St Germans

            still had single glazed windows in metal frames. As the properties are now

            owned by a Housing Association this is their responsibility

12.9     Cllr Barnes reported that yet another car had gone through the fence on the

            first left hand bend travelling from Trerulefoot to Polbathic. The clerk was

            asked to write to Highways to express the concern of the Parish Council

The meeting closed at 9.40pm.

Signed as a true record of the meeting………………………………………………..