We create identity

The fairytale of the farmville freak and the peculiar park

[x + M]  1. choice: boy or girl?

[voice over]

person sitting behind computer,

[screen shots, showing time’s going on in fast motion] farmville (2nd place highscore)

[screen shot] message from park manager, telling there’s trouble in the park,  mentioning that the farmville server is stated in the park

refusal; getting really close to reach the highscore, but exactly in that moment the server is shut down.

Music: Done

[x + M in 1 ]  2. - former prologue: hand pulling power of server, lights shut down etc. -

Sounds: Reverse turbine

Music: The black pearl (Pirates Carribean), Six feet under - bringer of blood

[x]  3. person screaming [far away shot of a city?face shot?]

person bikes to park..blend out

[x]  4. blend in..falling down into mud, looking up, seeing park manager.

park manager: ‘I’ll be back’, moves away.

{choice: wanna gamble if he’s really going to come back?}

park manager returns, tells about problems in the park in general (overview of the issues, unknown evil force) and leads running to the village

[x]  5. meeting the villagers (tell details about challenges/options)

 5.1  pathfinder : forrest

        choice : maintain cultural heritage (camp) [PM] or forrest [N]?

 5.2  fisherman : lake

        choice : remove [PM] or keep the barrier in the water [N]?

 5.3  farmer : reet land

        choice : remove [PM] or keep the water [N]?

 5.4  hippie : giving comments to all choices

[  ]  6. after going through all 3 problem areas,

         depending on the choices made by the viewer:

6.1   you have picked at least 2 times [PM]:

        the hippie turns out to be the unknown evil force, the park manager turns the    

        server back on for you

6.2  you have picked at least 2 times [N]

       the parkmanager turns out to be the unknown evil force, he pulled the trigger

       himself in order to get you into the park. he gets defeated by your animal allies

Open questions

!{what to do to earn points at farmville?}!