GLSA BOARD MEETING –  September 11, 2010

The September board meeting was held at Southside Township Hall.  The following members were present:   Gary Odegard, Lisa Perry, Joe Lepley, Curt Conrad, Peggy Jo Fortner,  Harry Wahlquist, Carole Gertgen, Kent Davidson, Pat Beithon, Mike McNellis, Carl Swanson, Jerry Dock & Jan Evenson.   Nancy Pattee Hector, non-voting member, also attended the meeting.  Dick Anderson & Phyllis LaTour were also in attendance.  Absent were:   Jerry Doffing & Tom Plihal.  

Joe Lepley, President, opened the meeting at 9:00 a.m.    

Minutes for the August board meeting were  reviewed -- there were no additions or corrections  and the minutes were approved by the board.  

TREASURER’S REPORT:   Gary reported the last membership mailing brought in another 7 members which brings our membership total to 387 and that will help meet our goal of 400!!!!    Peggy Jo went through the life-time membership list along with Gary to see if any of these members pay an annual due and the majority of them do.  

The Treasurer’s report was accepted and approved by the board.   Board members have a copy of the 9/11/10 Treasurer’s report and a copy will be attached to the minutes and filed.

Gary noted that $200 will be donated to Koinonia for the use of their facilities for

the August picnic.

MEMBERSHIP:   Peggy Jo added to Gary’s report on the life-time members.   There are 26 currently and of those, 17 did pay 2010 dues.   Only nine did not and, therefore, are not counted in our 387 total.   If we count the nine, it will bring our membership up pushing towards that 400 mark.  

The coordinators are continuing to get the new directories delivered, however, slower progress this time of year.   Nancy stated that we currently have 20 extra directories with a possibility of a few more being held by coordinators.

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Joe opened the floor for discussion on our funding needs for 2011.   Carl will need funds for CLP, John Swanson and his group will need funds for EWM; however, these amounts are not exact at this time and will have to be tabled until our Oct. board meeting.

Joe also mentioned that our ‘public launch’ signs were stolen from the north end of the public access and will have to be replaced in the spring of 2011.   The cost for this was also tabled until the Oct. board meeting.

Joe thanked Dick Anderson for his report which was given to the board members at the August board meeting regarding the Lindala landfill/gravel pits concerning the potential impact of ground water pollution.  

For the past few years,  Dick Anderson and Jerry Johnson have been taking readings for chemicals in both lakes; i.e., phosphorus, chlorophyll, etc.   Also, Lake John has been part of this testing program as well.   This information is then sent to RMB Labs and also the PCA which in turn posts it on the DNR Lake Finder Web page. This also includes Secchi Disk tests which have been part of the Lake Monitoring Program since the 1970’s.   At this time there are several volunteers on both lakes who take the Secchi Disk and we are looking for more helpers.  

Dick recommended new volunteers take over the chemical readings starting 2011 as he and Jerry Johnson thought it a good idea to get the younger generation involved.   These tests are taken once a month on a Monday (May through Sept.) regardless  of weather as the tests have to be in Buffalo at a certain designated time.

Joe asked for volunteers and Pat Beithon volunteered to help with the testing.  Dick recommends there should be two people working on this project.

NEW  BUSINESS:    Carl Swanson introduced to the board a ‘monitoring tube’.   Basically it is a plastic hollow tube approx. 9-10 inches in length with mesh inside the tube and a rope attached to it – this is then attached to the end of a dock to  ‘catch’ zebra mussels as they tend to stick to docks, posts, etc.    Carl has one

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attached to the dock at the public access and all one needs to do is pull it up every couple weeks and look at it and clean it.

Carl asked if the board thought it a good idea to make up some of these for next spring and give out to any member who wants one to hang off their dock.  Carl

says he has people who will help make these and could have samples available for the 2011 Annual Meeting in June.   The board agreed this is a good idea!!    

YOU GO CARL ……!!!  

Next board meeting will be October 9th.

Meeting adjourned approximately 10:00 a.m.

Submitted by:    Jan Evenson