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Metrolina Library Association

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

PLCMC, University City Regional

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Approval of April 28, 2010 minutes:

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2010 Information Literacy Conference


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WED. MAY 19TH, 2010, 2:30 P.M.

Charlotte Mecklenburg Library, University City Regional Branch,

301 East W.T. Harris Boulevard

The minutes of the Board's 5-19-2010 meeting are contained in two documents, of which this is the second; because no one recorder was present for the entire meeting.  Secretary Frank Newton was late navigating around Charlotte and missed most of the 2 to 2:30 meeting agenda.  That portion of the meeting was promptly written up by Michael Winecoff and distributed to the Board in a 5-20-2010 e-mail.  Michael had to leave at 2:30 because of another commitment; after that time the Board continued with detailed planning for the June 17th, 2010 Information Literacy Conference (hereafter "the Conference").  The Secretary submits the following notes of the continuation of the Board's meeting, and thanks Michael for covering my gap.

Board Members Present for the meeting continuation after 2:30: Cheryl Ann Coyle, Joe Eshleman, Melinda Livas, Jen McCormack, Frank Newton, LaJuan Pringle, Doug Short, Greta Wood.  Guest Attendee: Ursula Guidry.

1. Minutes of Last Month's Board Meeting.  Frank distributed written minutes of the April 28th Board meeting, but failed to record whether the minutes were approved in the press of planning for the June Conference.

2. Conference Giveaways.  We discussed pens, door prizes, nice iPod to be drawn for at meeting's end.  It was suggested Metrolina give Charlotte Mecklenburg a check for $1,000 for giveaways.

3. Metrolina Brochures.  It was suggested we print up copies of the MLA brochure (containing information on how to join and mission/purpose) for distribution at the conference, and check whether the brochure is downloadable from our web site.

4. Review of Applications.  The Board reviewed the accepted poster presentations, and the applications to give talks which had been placed in a lower tier because of constraints on how many talks could be presented.  There was discussion to rank the non-accepted applications to give talks, in terms of which was most meritorious and likely to appeal most to the widest spectrum of prospective Conference attenders, with a view to wedging in one more presentation.  Cheryl will send out descriptions of remaining possibilities to choose from.

5. Roles for MLA Board During the Conference (and one role ahead of time).

(a) Parking director to mail out parking permits.

(b) Guides to point attenders from the parking lot to the meeting rooms.

(c) Two technology facilitators to make sure presenters are comfortable.

(d) Registration table people -- Doug and LaJuan.

(e) Person in charge of making tweeting work -- Jen.

(f) Wrangler/greeter for presenters -- Greta.

6. Planning for Conference Closure.  End the conference with a five or ten minute plenary session on what we learned, what ideas we can take home and implement, followed or preceded by door prizes.  It would be desirable to put questions or topics for this wrap-up discussion on PowerPoint.

7. Conference Location.  This will be our fifth year holding the conference at Johnson and Wales.

Respectfully submitted,

Frank Newton

MLA Secretary