Announcing Voice Classes & Private Instruction

at JoellaArts at Sherman Mills

3502 Scotts Lane, East Falls

Philadelphia, PA 19129

Building 19, Studio 1926

Fundamentals of Voice: Breathing technique essential to correct voice production and support of both voice and speech formation; understanding and ability to use the body as a resonant instrument; placement and formation of articulation for ease and effectiveness in singing. This course prepares singers to perform with technical proficiency and safety. We develop healthy voices.

Instructor: Bill Deal, Julliard Trained Instructor in Voice Development

Harmony: For many, identifying harmonic intervals, controlling pitch, and blending with other voices proves difficult. This class teaches ways to demystify the problems with easy-to- understand techniques for developing an ear for harmony making singing harmony parts a pleasure. This is a small group class. Private instruction is also available.

Instructor: Victor Rodriguez, BFA in Choral Arts; Philadelpha-based Singer, Actor, Composer, Director

Musical Theatre: Selling a song gets bookings. Taking a song and making it uniquely yours is the goal of this class. Singing is a total body experience and students will develop skills to “own the stage”. Choosing the right audition material and being guided in its preparation receives careful attention in this class. The instructor will guide students in remedial work where flaws are evident in technique.

Instructor: Krissy Johnson, MMA; Ms. Johnson is a performing artist in both classical and pop venues as well as musical theatre. For more information, please call Joanne Joella at 267-280-3169 or email . We are currently enrolling for the Spring Session. Classes are small to allow special attention to each student.