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It is now October 18th, 2016 - the blog below was set up a couple of years ago and has been out of service for awhile. A parent of a past Chief Scout’s Award Recipient Norman Kelly is still supporting the Troop with this website.

I can post regular updates here is you think you are going to check this more than the email I send you . something to discuss this week!

Scouter Rob

Update November 9th

This week Duty Patrol will be Tyler’s Patrol.

Please be sure to login to Scout Tracker. If you haven’t done so, you may not be able to as your password may have expired.

November 11th - Remembrance Day - Be sure to be in full uniform (neckers tied outside your jacket). We will group up at the parking lot of St. James Church no later than 10:15am. We have been asked not to park on Crestfield as this road will be used for the parade route. Michael Upshall will be standing Sentry Duty and Colby and Ryan will be laying a wreath on behalf of our MP Geoff Regan.

We are camping Friday, Nov. 13th at

Update October 31st - Halloween

This week, John’s Patrol will be Duty Patrol. We still have to get names for the Patrols. You may notice that I am using the Timberwolves, Eastern Coyotes from last year and have added Red Fox. We can stick with these or create a new theme but we should decide this at the next meeting.

We have only a week or two before all popcorn sheets need to be handed in. Please continue your efforts in raising money for the troop as this is what we use to fund our camping and hiking trips.

Our next camp is the weekend of November 13th-15th. It will be for two nights at Camp Knock and it is a rain or shine event. The older scouts will be working on camp improvements and teaching the Pioneer Scouts so that they can earn their Permits. Times for drop off and pick up pending.

Investiture of the Pioneers is this coming Tuesday. Parents are welcome to arrive 30 minutes earlier to watch their scout be received by the Troop and be presented with the Troop necker and scout woggle. Each Pioneer scout has been working hard all month to memorize the Promise and the Law. It’s an exciting time for the Troop to have so many (10) interested in continuing their scouting experience.

As you can see above, there is a quick link to my email address if you want to get in touch with me about anything.

Happy Halloween - be nice to the neighbourhood and be safe.

Scouter Rob

Update April 28th

Wow, what do I say; I haven’t been to Troop in awhile so I have to admit I don’t know who is Duty Patrol tonight.

What I do know is that I thought we had an excellent camp at Micou Island! Awesome weather, awesome fun!

I sure wish the weather would warm up for some easy activity outside but not so much this evening.

See you later on.


Update March 24th

After a long stretch with no school and lots of opportunity to have fun in the snow; I’m ready to get back to scouting for a different kind of break; aren’t you?

Be prepared to go outside tonight. It’s too nice to stay in that’s for sure! We will work on compass and orienteering, not to mention a possible game.

Killer Whales are Duty tonight. Please be sure to show up early and have an activity prepared!

We will be camping again on the weekend of April 18th. We are booked for Micou Island in St. Margaret’s Bay. Check our our camping spots on the map section of our website and it should show you where the island is. We also may have to move onto the island on Friday as the beach doesn’t open up until the afternoon each day.

Chebucto West Area Scout Truck races will be March 29th (this weekend) starting at 9:00 at Atlantic Wholesalers in Lakeside Industrial Park. Please let me know if you want me to let them know you plan to attend.

Parents of SJ Scouts - any fundraising dates set yet? I have an account set up to start taking in funds raised!


Update March 10th

Well - lots of sunshine makes the heart grow warmer for spring - good thing we got our ski day in when we did! I hope everyone that participated learned some new skills had a great time having fun!

Dolphins are Duty Patrol tonight. You know the drill!

There will be no Troop next week as it’s March Break. I hope everyone enjoys the break and has safe and wonderfull vacations!

I met with the Kingswood Ratepayers last evening and they are still very thankful for our continued participation in assisting them with their environmental stewardship.

Parents of the SJ group - please let me know when you are available to meet to discuss the trip and some fundraising opportunities.!


Update March 3rd

I won’t be at Scouts this week as I’ll be away for work. Andrew, Mike and James will lead. Dolphins are duty patrol and it’s really important that a game or activity is organized. Don’t count on going outdoors as the weather is not supposed to be good.

On March 8th, theres a possibility for everyone to go skiing at Martock. This would not be a troop event as Scouting does not sign ski waivers however, it will be an opportunity for us to try out some winter recreation on the slopes.

Over the next couple of weeks I would like to schedule a time to sit with the parents of those going to SJ to talk about next steps and fundraising. We have a couple of parents who are eager to lead the fundraising so this could be a chance to get things rolling!


Update Feb. 24th

I think all the leaders would agree that everyone made out just great at the camp on the weekend. Almost had a full troop out (we’ll see you at the next one Tyler). Sunday morning was very nasty and although some of you were geared for the worst, I felt it was appropriate that we get home safely. Saturday was awesome for working outside together and it payed off as most of you enjoyed a good night’s rest.

I hope each of you learned something to improve upon for the next time. You only have to do one little thing better each time and you will master the art of camping in all types of weather.

We will not be going outside tonight so no need to bring snow gear. However, we will be reviewing how you packed for the past weekend. Pack all your stuff again as I want to review what got brought and what didn’t.

Killer Whales are duty tonight. Please have a game prepared.

I am still waiting for SJ deposits. Other cheques are being held until I have all payments.



Update Feb. 17th

We are headed back outside tonight so please make sure you all wear appropriate clothing. Two patrols will have to boil water using your billy cans!

We will return to knots as well and work on a new one .. round turn and two half hitches!

Dolphins are duty. I am anticipating an organized activity/game. Please also arrive early to display the colours.

I am still awaiting SJ Deposit of $125 from some of you. Please bring it tonight.



Update February 10th

Snow, snow and more snow..we have to organize a ski trip or snowshoeing or something to take advantage of all this snow .. oh yeah, Frosty is February 22nd. Looks like we need to talk seriously tonight about camping that weekend as well.

Killer Whales are Duty, please be sure to show up early to fly the colours and also to have the opening planned (who is doing what?). Killer Whales are also charged with running a game.

Be sure to bring outdoor clothing. Some of you are still not dressing appropriately for going outside for an activity. Warm coats, hats, mittens/gloves, snow pants and boots are a must.

Conall and Christian - rob’s forestry books are to be returned tonight.

SJ Participants - your deposit of $125 each is due. Please make cheques payable to 1st Hammonds Plains Scout Troop.

see you soon!


Update February 3rd

Funny, I always thought the word February didn’t belong to the English language. You would have thought someone would have changed it by now so that it wasn’t spelled so strangely. Oh well.

Tonight, we get back at it after a long break! Hopefully everyone had time to focus on some scouting.

The Dolphins are Duty Tonight. Please be sure to show up a bit early to set up and also have an activity ready.

Please dress for the outdoors as well .. maybe a little Troop rugby or fire lighting??

The Troop is officially registered for Scotia Jamb ‘15. Jonah, Colby, Peter, Tyler, John and Ryan along with James and Mike are now gearing up for a great week at Nedooae “East Coast Adventure” A deposit of $125.00 each is now required from each parent. Please make cheques payable to the 1st Hammonds Plains Scout Troop. Hopefully we can get a fundraising campaign going soon!

Update January 20th

Quite a change in weather this week guys! It may be a nicer night to go outdoors so please remember to bring warm clothes, hat and mitts.

Tonight the Killer Whales are Duty Patrol. Please be sure to have an activity ready and show up early to display the colours.

We had a great visit from Connor, Daphne and Patricia from the Venturers last week. They presented their program needs for a “Frosty” event at Camp Knock and you guys had lots of great ideas! I am looking forward to us being a part of this as we host groups from outside Hammonds Plains that may have never experienced a Frosty. We also have to give some thought to whether we want to stay overnight in order to get our winter camping badge; decisions, decisions!

Our Troop will not be participating in the Moosehead’s Game. Jonah and Colby are going but they will be going with their family. I will not be making a Troop purchase.

Although I know that Jonah, Callum and Colby are interested in ScotiaJamb, I have not heard from anyone else on this camp. The early-bird registration deadline is January 30th at $550/youth. After that date costs increase $50/camper. Please let me know if you are planning to attend. It takes place at Camp Nedooae from July 12-17th.

Popcorn monies are at last all turned in and great job everyone! We had participation from everyone in the Troop this year!

Also tonight, we will be joined by someone who received their Chief’s Scout Award with 1st Hammonds Plains in 2010. His name is James Woodhouse and he is very interested in getting back involved with the Troop as a leader. Please be sure to give him a great Troop welcome.


Update January 13th

Wow .. snow finally! Please be sure to start wearing or at least bringing your outside gear for either a game of activity out in the snow. You may want to bring your sneakers if you wear boots and vice versa. Also, remember to bring water bottles as drinking from the washroom sink is prohibited (not allowed).

Tonight the Dolphins are Duty Patrol. Please have an activity prepared and show up early to display our colours.

We will be getting back to program tonight by working on Achievement Level as well as Challenge Badges. Please note that we set a goal last week that everyone would work on Challenge Badges at home as well and bring in a badge slip for testing. We are anticipating awarding some badges first week of February.

Speaking of February, on the 7th there is a Mooseheads Game and all scouts are invited. I can order bulk tickets for $10ea. and we can go as a troop. As well, you can invite friends and family as well. Sign up sheet will be posted at the sign-in binder.

Also, I sent out an email with respect to ScotiaJamb -need to know very, very soon if you are planning to attend as we have to get registered before the end of January. I sent out an SJ Newsletter by email so please read it over; sounds exciting!


Update January 6th

Yeah - Scouts is starting again! Happy New Year!

Trust everyone had a great holiday. All I kept thinking about was how many great camping days went by - the weather was so nice!

Now that it’s a bit colder, we just have to plan that much better that’s all.

The Killer Whales will be Duty Patrol tonight. Please arrive early enough to show the colours and have a game prepared.

We will be reviewing knots and introducing a new knot tonight. Back to Patrol relays!  

We will also break up into our achievement levels to continue to working toward our personal goals. Conall and Christian - please touch base with each other so that you can continue working on your project for World Scouting.

Please think about when you want to go camping again - we could wait until the first weekend of February (which is Frosty weekend) or head out sooner.

I am still waiting for popcorn money - those that have not passed in their sales need to do so as soon as possible as this was due prior to the Christmas break.

Update - December 9th

Well, great turnout at the Christmas Tree sales on Saturday and happy that we had a couple more volunteers on Sunday! I haven’t heard anything on the grand total raised but I’m sure it was a very successfull fundraiser and got everyone in the Christmas spirit! Christian didn’t have to write Santa for a new wagon, he simply used some odds and ends around the house and made one! I think that wagon made a big difference with moving the trees to the pick up points .. great work Christian!

Tonight will be the last meeting of the year, the next one being on January 6th. Unfortunate that we had to cancel Yule Log Camp this year so we’ll have to try and make up that camp in January as well.

Conall and Christian will be working on their presentation about the history of scouting in the world tonight. I don’t think the night is all about work though so hopefully we can have some fun with lots of games tonight.

Not sure who is duty patrol tonight so I hope a few can show up early enough to get the troop colours up in time for the start of the meeting.

Popcorn money should be brought in either tonight or at the latest at the next meeting. If you want to drop it by over the holidays, feel free to come by the house at 70 Kingswood.

I am still collecting fees for the Group Camp at Camp Nedooae if you haven’t paid yet.

Merry Christmas everyone and a Very Happy New Year!

Scouter Rob.

Update - November 25th

The Dolphins are Duty Patrol tonight. Please be sure you arrive about 15 minutes early to display the Troop Colours. Also, be sure to have a game for the Troop.

Please be sure to set time aside the weekend of Dec 5th, 6th and 7th to assist with selling Christmas Trees at Uplands Park.

Also, please contact me by email if you are interested in a Yule Log Camp the weekend of December 12th - 14th at Micou Island.

I haven’t heard yet about popcorn, however, I expect delivery to be soon.

I am still collecting fees for the Group Camp held at Camp Nedooae ($10 each).

I will be away next week and will not be attending. The last meeting of the year before Christmas break will be December 9th.

Update - November 18th

I was very proud of the turnout we had for the Hammonds Plains Remembrance Day ceremony. Special thanks go to Conall for volunteering to stand guard at the cenotaph and Christian for assisting with the laying of the wreaths. Everyone behaved very well making us as leaders very grateful. I have a few pictures from the event that I will get posted to our photo collection.

The Killer Whales will be duty patrol tonight. Please show up 10-15 minutes early to set up the Troop Colours.

We will be selling Christmas trees on the Dec. 5th weekend so we will have to reconsider the date of the Yule Log camp (perhaps the next weekend). The leaders will discuss this later tonight, and it helps to hear what you think too!

Those who attended Group Camp at Camp Nedooae and have not paid the $10 fee yet, I am still collecting that money. Please make cheques payable to the 1st Hammonds Plains Group Committee.


Update - November 10th

We had a very successfull camp on the weekend! Weather cooperated and everyone had a great time! We learned a lot about our camping gear and our patrol system and the pioneers got some of their permits signed. We are making great progress and so I am really looking forward to the next camp. (Blue Mountain or Micou Island for Yule Log Camp)

I am also very grateful for the participation as without you, the scouts, we would not be able to have the same kind of success.

There won’t be any Troop meeting tomorrow night, however, I am looking forward to seeing as many of you as possible tomorrow at the Hammonds Plains Ceremony for Remembrance Day. We will group up at 10:15am at the St. James Church parking lot across from the playground at Uplands Park. I will need volunteers for wreath laying as well as an opportunity to be a Sentry. Please be sure you are wearing your full uniform!


Update - Nov. 5th

As mentioned in an email, we are camping this weekend at Camp Knock (drop off 8:30am Saturday and pick up at 10:00am Sunday). We will work on permits (axe, knife, stoves, fire lighting) with the Pioneer Scouts and others will work on Challenge Badges (Naturalist) and working on improving the camp property.

Also, reminder that Group Camp cost $10/youth. Please make cheques out to 1st Hammonds Plains Group Committee.

Congratulations to the following Scouts on their investiture: Ryan, Callum, Colby, John and Jin.

Congratulations to Scouter Mike as he was invested last night as well as a Scout Councillor.

If you have any pictures from group camp, I would love to have some for the website. I forgot my camera :(

See you Saturday.

Troop Update - November 4th

At tonight’s meeting we hope to advance all the new scouts into the program through investiture into the Troop. By working on the Scout Promise, Law, Motto and their meaning to scouting, they have earned the right to begin the challenge of growing in the program.

I have received all the merchandise ordered from the Scout Shop. Please be prepared to pay for all that you have ordered. Cheques payable to me as I put everything on my credit card. Thank you!

The “Dolphins” are Duty Patrol tonight. Please don’t forget to arrive early to set up the Troop Colours.

Also, the meeting next week will be cancelled given that it will be Remembrance Day. However, there will be a ceremony in Hammonds Plains at Uplands Park. Please show up between 10:30 and 10:45am to group up. While the details are not yet know as to a parade of colours, the Troop is expected to be present for this service.

If we go away on the weekend, it will be a spur of the moment type event. Unfortunately, I have not been able to secure a camp and since it is hunting season, we can’t simply just go into the woods somewhere. Currently I have the following interested in going on a trip: Jin, Ryan, John, Peter and Jonah. If others are interested, please confirm with me at tonight’s meeting. I, personally am only able to camp Saturday and into Sunday morning.

Troop Update October 28th

It’s a ghoulish time to meet - being so close to Halloween! Feel free to dress up in costume if you want to. I’ll be sure to have some treats on hand for those that do.

Don’t forget to bring your popcorn order forms tonight.

Also, if you need a uniform - let me know what size you need me to order for you. The Troop will cover the cost for now.

Tonight, Christian’s patrol will be duty patrol. Please be sure to show up 15 minutes early to fly the colours.

I have only heard from two scouts interested in going away for the November 11th weekend. If there isn’t greater interest, that trip will be cancelled. The maximum number for the camp is 5. We will not secure the travel details until we have adequate sign up.

See you soon!


Troop Update October 25th

We are enjoying group camp this weekend with 8 scouts participating. Stopped raining just in time for us to carry out successful program and campfire tonight. Don’t forget that popcorn forms are due by Tuesday night at the latest, if you have your totals, send them to me at any time.

Troop Update Feb 25th

The first Court of Honour was established on the weekend with Conall, Christian and Anthony providing leadership by assisting with the plan to the end of year. We are scheduled to do:

1. Mar. 30th - Area Scout Truck Races in Lakeside with a hike to Fort York Redoubt afterwards.

2. April 12th - Hike A Thon 20 KM hike from Timberlea - St. Margarets Bay.

3. May - Pioneering Camp and Link Camp

4. June - Volunteer Opportunity at Lodges and Lairs

Eastern Coyotes are duty patrol tonight.

Troop Update Feb 18TH

Timberwolves are duty tonight.

We are still looking for a parent volunteer to lead fundraising for SJ15. The scouts need to raise $550 each.

We had a great trip to the Otter Lake Landfill last Friday, and the Military Museum. Many thanks to Scouter Andrew for setting it all up. Attending were Christian, JT, Anthony and Jonah and Andrew and me.

  Troop Update Feb 11th

Eastern Coyotes are duty tonight, please have a game and be sure to show up early to setup.

We are looking for a parent volunteer to help us fundraise $550 per scout to go to Scotiajamb 15. If you are interested please contact me.

Troop Update - Feb4th

Tonight the Timberwolves are Duty Patrol. Remember, due to other commitments, meetings now start at 7:10pm. Bring your sleeping bag and ground mat.

Due to a lack of interest we are not participating in the Moosehead Hockey night.

We had an excellent camp on the weekend. Fee of $25 will cover the cost for fuel and food. Please bring payment to next meeting. Cheques payable to me.

Troop Update - posted January 28th

Make sure you sign up for camp this weekend. 6:30pm at Millers Lake on Friday night and 9:00am for all Pioneers on Saturday. Pick up is at 11:00am Sunday.

Please check Scout Tracker on the website and let me know you have access to the calendar.

Eastern Coyotes are Duty tonight.

Moosehead Hockey Tickets - Game February 8th, $10.00ea. Let me know if you want tickets. Sign up sheet will be out tonight. You and members of your family or friends can go as well. Must wear uniform to the game.

Also, Pioneers should be ready to give a presentation on the History of Scouting tonight

MP Geoff Regan will be visiting the Troop on April 15th to speak about Government.

Troop Update - January 21st

Tonight the Timberwolves are Duty Patrol. Please show up 15 minutes to set up.

Due to everyone’s schedule prior to the meeting, meeting time has been changed to 7:15pm and so 15 minutes early is at 7:00pm. This will prevent the waiting time some people have been experiencing.

We are scheduled to camp at Miller’s Lake the first weekend in Feb. Sign up sheet will be out tonight. It will be a two night camp for the 3rd year scouts and a one-night camp for everyone else.

Troop Update - January 14th

Well, Happy New Year is still valid since this is the first update of 2014. New to the Troop, this year only, is the return of Scouter Andrew Finlay. Andrew has been with the Troop apart from last fall for a number of years. Welcome Back Andrew!

 I understand the Yule Log Camp went well. Lots of sleepy heads Sunday morning.

Tonight, the Eastern Coyotes are Duty Patrol. Please show up 15 minutes early to set up.

Troop Update - November 19th

Hi there, it’s been a while since the last update on this site. The Fall Camp to Yarmouth went very well; Peter, Tyler and JT learned a lot about the equipment and should have all their permits shortly.

After exploring the camp at Pierce Park, we went to the Forchu lighthouse and since the wind was howling, the ocean put on a great show. We were very impressed with how much we could learn at the Yarmouth Museum! We were thankful for the time that John Follows spent with us to assist with all the discovery!

We were welcomed for attending at St. Bernards Cathedral on Sunday and had some fun at the pool later on - our only rainy day.

Tyler made the Troop proud by being part of the wreath-laying ceremony at the Remembrance Day Parade at the Mariners Centre.

All in all, the camp was a great success! Pictures to follow on this site soon.

Tonight, the Eastern Coyotes are duty.

Next camp is Yule Log Camp scheduled for Micou Island on December 7th-8th.


Troop Update - October 29th

Tonight we want you to wear your scariest costume! It’s our Scout Halloween and you don’t have to wear your uniform.

The Timberwolves are Duty Patrol tonight. Do you have a scary game planned?

Camp on the weekend was great; with the exception of breaking camp in the pouring rain. I hope everyone learned a lesson - all your gear must be protected from getting wet. If it had of been colder and the rain had come on Saturday, many of you would not have been able to stay at camp!

We are planning a road trip to Yarmouth the weekend of Nov. 8th - 11th. There is limited space (5 max). There will be a cost of approx. $60 each. Please let meknow if you are interested in going.

Troop Update - Oct. 22nd

I will have new shirts for those that ordered them tonight as well as Scout Handbooks. I will have a note made for each youth that owes the troop for these items. I also have a variety of sizes from the Scout Office for everyone to try on if sizes become an issue.

Popcorn orders must be passed by next meeting. If you have your order ready now, feel free to pass it in tonight.

The Eastern Coyotes are Duty Patrol tonight. Please make sure you are there early in preparation of opening ceremony and have an activity already planned.

Tonight we will be doing a tent relay as well.

By the way, I saw 2 Chinook Rainier 65 backpacks on sale at Better Buy Sports in Burnside for $99. They are light blue/dark blue but the price seems reasonable. They had others there as well but I don’t recommend them.

A Sign Up sheet will be available for those planning to go to Group Camp this weekend. We will need to know tonight whether or not you are coming.




Troop Update - October 13th

Well, we have been at it for couple of weeks now and it appears that we have been able to get into the groove relatively quickly.

Chris MacNeil and myself will be the regular leaders with my son Christopher assisting at camps. We are currently a Troop of 9 youth (2 patrols) with the possibility of one more joining.

The Pioneers (just entering Troop) will be invested into the Troop next week and hopefully all uniforms will be in by then.

Next meeting, Anthony/Conall’s Patrol will be Duty Patrol. Please have a game planned and show up at 6:45pm to set up the flags.

We will need to get Patrol names this week; please think about what animal you want to represent.

This week we will continue to work on the reef knot (speed) and we will also be setting up the tents as a relay to get everyone to know how they work.

Please remember that this is where updates will be on a regular basis.

Don’t forget to sell popcorn; we depend on that fundraising for our camps/hikes.



Troop Update - April 16th

Tonight we will be hiking to the top of Blue Mountain. The 3rd year cubs that will be linking soon are invited to join us.

To take advantage of the sunlight hours and to keep our return time reasonable, we will be starting our meeting 30min earlier tonight.

Please be sure to be at the end of Anahid Drive at the head of the trail at 6:30pm sharp.

Wear your uniforms and be sure to dress appropriately, the wind is supposed to be strong this evening and so it might be cold at the top. The trails will also be wet so proper footwear is necessary; hikers, boots but not sneakers unless you don’t care about getting your feet wet.

Thx, Rob


Troop Update - April 2nd

Well, it’s Scout Truck night in preparation for the races this Saturday. I do not have a time for Saturday unfortunately and will hopefully know more by meeting time.

Chief Scout Award applicants should spend time on their presentation tonight. I will bring my computer for downloading of pictures.

The Maple Syrup Sales Sheets are due tonight; no exceptions!!

The Ring Necked Snakes are Duty Patrol tonight.

Troop Update - March 26th

Please dress prepared to do activities outside every week now that the weather is warming up.

The Smooth Green Snakes are Duty Patrol tonight.

All Maple Syrup sales sheets are due next week. They can be passed in tonight if finished.

Remember that Scout Trucks can be speed tested on the track tonight to prepare for races next week.

Congratulations go out to Patricia Gazeley as she has been awarded the opportunity to attend a Leadership Development Camp this summer as she is being recognized by the Tim Horton Foundation as having the skills and commitment needed to be chosen. Patricia is very deserving of this opportunity.

Our Troop Chief Scout Award Ceremony is planned for April 16th and it will be held on Blue Mountain. We have to start up the trail at 6:00pm that evening so Scouts will start early. Patricia and Daphne have both qualified for their Chief Scout Award. We will be inviting the Cubs that are linking up in September to attend.


Troop Update - March 19th

Welcome back everybody, I trust all had a great March Break!

The Ribbon Snakes are Duty Patrol tonight.

Maple Syrup Fundraiser - all Sales are due next week. I hope all of you have taken some time to sell.

We are getting the scout truck race track set up tonight however races are not until next week.


Troop Update - March 5th

The Ringneck Snakes are Duty patrol Tonight.

Next week is March Break and so there is no scouts next week. We will return to normal meetings on March 19th.

There are 3 scout trucks still available for purchase at $17ea. For those that have scout trucks and haven’t paid yet, please bring in $17 tonight.

Please remember to sell the Acadian Maple Products. Sales sheets must be turned in on March 26th.

Enjoy your  break!


Troop Update - February 26th

Scout Trucks are here and can be purchased for $17.00

We are starting another fundraiser - Acadian Maple Products. Order forms will be handed out tonight. Please do your best in sales as the Troop gets to keep a high percentage of the sales.

Trust everyone had a great time at the Moosehead’s Game! Any outstanding payments should be settled at tonight’s meeting.

The Ribbon Snakes are Duty Patrol tonight.

Troop Update - Feb 19th

Bring snow gear to play outside tonight! We are going to have a compass game in the ball field.

The Ringneck Snakes are Duty Patrol.

Thanks very much to Scouter Colleen and Scouts Patricia and Christian for participating in the St. Luke Church Service on Sunday.

I have the Moosehead Tickets to give out tonight. Cost is $10 each.


Troop Update - Feb 12th

The Ribbon Snakes are Duty Patrol tonight.

The Group Committee is organizing  an event where all Beavers, Cubs and Scouts are going to go to a St. Margarets Bay Ducks game on Feb 16th. Please let me know if you are interested in participating.

There is a Church Service at St. Lukes in Tantallon on Feb. 17th at 10-11:30am. Participating in this service is an excellent way to demonstrate leadership, community involvement and spirituality. Please let me know if you are able to attend.

Also, there is a Moosehead’s Game that all scouting is being invited to on the evening of February 24th. Let me know if you are interested in attending this game.


Troop Update - Feb 5th

It’s been awhile since I’ve been here .. sorry for not being a good blogger!

We had a very successful “Frosty” weekend. The weather couldn’t have been more cooperative given how cold it’s been lately. We had a great time and especially since we were able to enjoy a big campfire with the HP Cubs and 2nd Eastern Passage Cubs. The snow Sunday morning was absolutely beautiful .. hopefully everyone got home without incident.

Picture from camp are loaded. Couple of good spaghetti faces!

Special thanks go to Scouter Andrew for all his time getting the Ranger Cabin ready for us and for getting the Frosty activities ready. I don’t know for sure, but I think they liked the burner making the most .. must have been the treats at the end.

Smooth Green Snakes are Duty tonight.


Troop Update - January 22nd

Our meeting is still on tonight as roads are getting better now that the snow has stopped.

The Ringneck Snakes are Duty Patrol tonight.

If you had homework to be completed for tonight, you still have a couple of hours.


Troop Update - January 7th

I trust one and all had a wonderful holiday! We’re back at it tomorrow night.

Please be sure to bring in outstanding popcorn money.

The Smooth Green Snakes are Duty Patrol.

Troop Update - December 4th

Tonight is the last meeting for 2012.

Our Yule Log Camp this weekend at Micou Island and it will be very important to have decided if you are going or not by show of hands tonight. We will be going on Friday night but the option to arrive on Saturday is an alternative. You should visit the website for Micou’s Island for location/road map. There will be no fees for this camp.

Drop off is 7:30pm Friday night or 9:00am Saturday (only) as you have to be there at low tide. Pick up is 9:30 - 10:00am Sunday morning.

The ring necked snakes are duty patrol tonight.

The Group Committee is selling Christmas Trees this weekend at Uplands Park. Those scouts not attending the Yule Log Camp should give some thought to helping out at the tree lot.

Anyone who goes to Yule Log should give consideration to helping out at the lot on Sunday afternoon.

Popcorn will be delivered this weekend. I will be contacting you to pick up your orders on Sunday afternoon (location TBA). I will give back your order forms tonight so that you know who you have to deliver to.

Troop Update - November 20th

Not too much to report tonight other than the Smooth Green Snakes are Duty Patrol. Be sure to have an interesting game and show up 15 min early to set up.

I did book Micou’s Island in Seabright for Yule Log Camp. We will be tenting with the option to make a lean to. There is a cabin there for us to have our Christmas Celebration. The Island is only a 15 min drive from Tantallon and it can only be accessed at low tide. As such, we will have an opportunity both on Friday night and Saturday and Sunday mornings to get on and off. Staying 2 nights or only one is an option this camp if 2 leaders are able to make both nights - I am a go for sure.

Those trying for their Chief’s Scout Award should be submitting their work plan tonight. We also should have some entertainment as others are going for their music badge.

We were in fact the best section for popcorn sales again this year - great going everybody!

See ya at Scouts!


Troop Update - November 13th

Notes from the Weekend

Pictures aren’t uploaded just yet but fun was had by all on the big trek to Kensington, PEI. As Alek pointed out, it hardly seemed like camping! We will have to add the “roughness” aspect back into the program next time. All the scouts had the opportunity to lay a wreath at the Kensington Cenotaph as Scouting there is well respected by the Legion, as they are their sponsor. We swam, we bowled, we skated and even went to the movies and well, the hike back and forth from the washroom gave everybody a headstart on the hiking badge!

I see the Scouts participated in the 2nd Hammonds Plains Remembrance Ceremony as well. Nice going everybody! It is a very strong sign of respect for community and citizenship.

Tonight, the Northern Ringnecks are Duty Patrol.

The next outing for the Troop is Yule Log Camp Dec 8th and 9th and our destination has not been chosen - do we want to consider Micou Island?

Popcorn Sales - as a group we did an amazing job selling popcorn this year - we broke the $4,000 barrier! Way to Go!!  Top sellers are: Jared (with over $1,100.00 in sales), Anthony (with $660.00) and Patricia, Christian, Alek, Luke and Liam all with sales over $250.00. Congratulations, and we’ll know soon if we were the highest fundraising section in Hammonds Plains.


Troop Update - November 6th

We had a great Halloween Party last week! Thanks very much Scouter Andrew for the show and games! I would love to have some pictures to put on the website - please send them along.

This week we are back to normal. I will be working with many of you to update your records on Scout Tracker. Be sure to check the website.

Investitures will take place this week for all scouts and leaders new to the Troop this year. Congratulations!

Patricia, your patrol is duty this week.

As for this weekend, Jared, Ian, Christian, Alek and Cameron, along with Ron and I are headed for PEI - Kensington to be exact! We will meet at St. James Church at 7:30am Saturday morning and will expect to be back by supper on Monday, the 12th. Please be sure to pack your full uniform for Remembrance Day. Otherwise, packs should be no different than any other camp, except a swim shorts and towell is also required.

Troop Update - October 22nd

We had a very successful camp over the weekend - there was no rain other than while we slept. I don’t know who we need to thank for that, but it wouldn’t have mattered - we would have had fun anyway!

Pictures from the camp can be found in the Photo Albums.

Shirts and books have arrived and so they will be available Tuesday night. Some bad new - the large-size is back-ordered and we will have to wait for that.

The shirts cost $42.50 and the books are $11.50 including tax.

Daphine’s patrol “the Ring Necked Snakes” are Duty Patrol this week - please be sure to show up 15 min early.

Please make sure you are spending time selling popcorn - it really has a direct impact on our program. We like to be active and so we need all the support we can get.


Troop Update - October 19th

We are headed for camp Nedooae this evening at 5:00pm from the St. James Church at Uplands Park. We can then travel together to the camp. Car pooling arrangement should be made prior to arrival. The leaders currently do not have extra room.

I will send out an email with the agenda. Scouts who have responsibilities should have their work done prior to leaving (ie:Scout’s Own).

Bring your bike and helmet as we will be biking on the woodlot road.


Troop Update - Dated October 10th

I had a great trip last week - I had the opportunity to camp in the Grand Canyon. I have attached a couple of pictures.

I have also attached some pictures from the canoe trip that Scouter Andrew and I took a few weeks ago.

IMPORTANT: If you are planning to attend the Group Camp at Nedooae, you have to have a registration fee of $15.00 for our next meeting Oct. 16th; cheques payable to 1st Hammonds Plains Scout Troop.


Dated: Oct. 2nd

I am away on business and so I won’t be at scouts tonight. Andrew and Colleen will be there and I believe Cameron’s patrol is duty patrol.

The order for shirts and books has not been finalized, however, all those who joined last year or this year have been sized for a new one and a number of books have been listed. I unfortunately did not have the order finalized before I left the province. As a result, the order will not be sent until after the next meeting - an alternative is for Andrew and Colleen to establish a new order tonight.

As for the October camp, we are expected to have canoes.

As for the November camp, I have a contact checking into Kensington, PEI


Dated: Sat. Sept. 22nd

By now hopefully, everyone has received an email concerning Troop start up. If you have any questions or comments, please don’t hesitate to contact me. I will have a hard-copy spreadsheet of all the scouts and their contact information ready for Tuesday night. Please let me know if you would like to have one.

See you Tuesday.

If anyone needs apparell from the Scout shop, please email me as soon as possible.

Troop Update Sept. 17th

First meeting is September 25th from 7-9pm at the Hammonds Plains Fire Hall.

Troop Update  June 8th                            Click Here To Reply to Rob

We had a great trip to MacNabs Island on the weekend.

Our last event is the neibourhood clean up in Kingswood tomorrow. Please meet at the playground just in on the left passed the Tim Horton’s and Value Foods at 9:00am. We will clean from Hammonds Plains Road to Terradore Dr. Garbage bags and gloves will be provided.