The Medium Production Meeting Notes

103 Theatre Building

Director: Nathan Brewer

Stage Manager: Fiona Johann

Date March 23rd, 2011

Start: 5:30pm


Not using a truck, will use our cars.


We will be bringing over the green ottoman

Props to be fixed

        The mirror needs to be repaired as well as a chain being added to the trunk. Ellie                         will be able to do this before Sunday.

Props Needed

        Matchbook, sliders for the chair, tambourine, and string for the doors

The Gun

        Ellie will be giving a gun cleaning and firing demo on Sunday.

        Blanks for the gun will be purchased before Sunday.

Run Crew

        Routine sheets will be made for each crew member

Date: March 2nd, 2011


Props does not have many in stock        

Nathan and Ellie both have mirrors we can use

Ask Pat

        Can the artwork on the walls be moved?

        Can we hang mirrors in there place?

        Will we be able to open the window?

        Can Nathan Stop by noon on friday, 15 min max?

Pulling Props

        It would be helpful for Nathan to come look at props to see what is there and                         what he might need to invest in.

        Ellie and Nathan will meet tomorrow at 1:15pm down at TAPS

        Ellie will need to pull from costumes for stuff in trunk, Ellie will ask costumes if we                         can borrow

                “more stuff they have to play with the better” - nathan


        Ellie will talk to Todd about using truck, he has not yet gotten back to her about it,                         she feels that it should be fine.

French Doors

        duck tape latches, pull strings


        Sky might have to go down to pull shoes


        Ellie asked lighting kids and we can by a bulb that doesn’t shatter, maybe have a                         backup to avoid accidents.  Lamp should make it just fine during fall.


        Need a standing door

        the “room 6” chair can be used for rehearsal

Added Meredith P. to list

Date: February 16th, 2011

Start: 3:00pm

“Load In”

                        will be loaded in with everything else on Sunday

                        will most likely come from Nathan’s new york stash

“Load Out”

Contacting “Schreyer House”

Visiting House

                For Nathan: pick drawer, see if window opens, which way does door to                                 patio open

                For Fiona: Measure carpet, map outlets in dining room, and hallway, take                                 pictures and videos



        We need a “Dressing screen”