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EVA 3 Report

(1st full simulation EVA)

Jon Kosh Reporting

EVA Time:

1330 - 1550


Jon, Mitesh, Cody, Chrissy

EVA Procedure

Transport radio repeater equipment to the top of Radio Ridge. Crew journalist Chrissy took pictures while Mitesh, Cody, and I carried equipment. Maintained radio contact with remaining crewmembers at the hab.

EVA Results

A radio repeater was placed at top of Radio Ridge with telescoping antenna extended to approximately 10 feet.

Lessons Learned

Previous Georgia Tech crews placed the radio repeater at the top of Skyline Ridge - which is accessible by a fifteen minute long drive using V'ger out of sim. This year, it was found in the first EVA that roads led either too far north or too far south of the habitat. Therefore, this is the first time a GT crew has placed the repeater this close to the hab and while under sim.

For an activity as involved as on-foot equipment transport (primarily uphill), this EVA required thorough preparation and equipment check. The EVA was slow to start today as crews suited up for the first time and the radio communications crewmembers struggled to figure out placement of radios and experienced trouble adjusting radio settings. Clearly, a radio operation refresher was needed. Additionally, the crew, being fully suited and ready to depart, still had to prepare equipment needed for travel (tape down dangling wires and gather tools required, etc). It would have been a much quicker egress if Mitesh and I had prepared repeater equipment and radios the night before for quick access as we suited up.

Another EVA is planned to acquire the GPS coordinates at the repeater site and increase the height of the repeater. Another possible EVA involving relocation of the repeater to Olympus Mons of Phobos Peak is under heavy consideration.

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