The Book of Beginnings

In the beginning there was darkness and within the darkness, there was chaos. The chaos lasted for eternity and also for only an instant, as time was a foreign concept in this beginning. The chaos swirled and coalesced, and out of the darkness a perfect golden egg formed and shone a beacon of light through the dark.

Cracks formed along the surface of the egg and it split with a resounding crack. This sound was the first sound and began to bring order to the universe. Out of the egg emerged Arceus – the Beginning One. Has white body gleamed and he was resplendent in his glory.

Arceus saw the beginnings of order the cracking egg had started to form and saw that it was good. He took the dwindling essence of chaos and split it in two and from these two parts, order was created in the form of two eggs. From the eggs, two beings emerged

and Arceus named them Dialga and Palkia. He bestowed upon Dialga the power to create

and control time and thus with a mighty roar from the blue dragon, the river of time began to flow forever forwards, and Arceus saw it was good. Arceus turned to Palkia, and gave him the power to create and control space. Palkia’s voice cracked the void, and for the first time there was distance and separation between the three and Arceus saw this was good.

After some time, Arceus saw that balance was needed in the world to maintain the time and space created by Dialga and Palkia. So he took some of the darkness from the very beginning and formed a new egg. From out of this egg emerged Giratina. Giratina was given dominion to create and control a Distortion world, a mirror to hold up to reality in order to reflect the greatness of Arceus’s creation. Giratina retreated to its own plane and for a while all was well.

However, Dialga and Palkia, proud of their creations, began to vie for Arceus’s affection. They argued and fought, time flowed backwards and space was twisted and all Arceus had worked hard to create began to unravel. Giratina sensed the disturbance in his own realm and he grew angry at the wanton destruction. He pulled the Dragons of Time and Space into the Distortion world and battled them to establish dominance and protect his realm.

Arceus became aware of the unbalance in the world he had established and he furiously entered Giratina’s Distortion realm and separated the three warring beings. He banished Dialga and Palkia to separate dimensions of Time and Space and forbade Giratina from ever entering the true realm of Arceus again.

The Book of Creation

As time, now restored, flowed ever onwards, millennia passed as Arceus explored the vast expanses of space. He grew lonely and bored and so resolved to turn his mind to creation once more. In his travels he had rediscovered the fragments of the perfect egg that had borne him and he saw that these would be the perfect vessels for his new creation.

The great Arceus reached out with his 1000 hands and moulded the fragments into three spheres, and thus, the world, the sun, and the moon was born. The sun shone with the brilliance of the egg he was formed from, however Arceus had gifted the sun with so much light that little was left for the moon. So he decided the moon would save it's light and only shine brilliantly once every 28 days, and then return to darkness to rest. From the moons beauty he created Cresselia and gave her dominion over the light of the moon and from the darkness he created Darkrai and gave him dominion over the black of the night.

Far beneath the firmament of the world he breathed a spark of life, and from the fire, Groudon was born. Arceus again breathed a spark of life within the fissures and cracks and from the deep, Kyogre was born. Almost complete with his new world, Arceus breathed a spark of life into the high minerals floating above the earth, and so from the lofty heights, Rayquaza was born.

Arceus gave his new children the task of refining his world. Groudon began by rising up from the firmament and pouring forth lava and heat. He created the landmasses and when he was finished, he retreated beneath the earth to sleep, but not before giving life to lava from his own body and creating protectors of the earth in the form of Heatran. Kyogre then rose from the depths and summoned a torrential rain, such that the land was flooded and the landmasses became islands isolated in a great ocean. Satisfied, he retreated to the deep and slept but not before giving life to the last falling droplets of rain and creating the guardians of the ocean, Manaphy and Phione. Rayquaza then descended from the heights. He bellowed a great breath and created the atmosphere. He returned to the heights, not to sleep though, for he had been tasked with ensuring the betrayal of Dialga and Palkia was not repeated by Groudon and Kyogre. Before he returned however, he gave life to the light being scattered through his atmosphere and created Ho-oh, to bring hope and the promise of life to the world.

Arceus was pleased with the actions of the Weather trio however he was not satisfied that his world was complete. He took the newly formed atmosphere and formed two beings, Tornadus and Thunderus. He set them loose to stir up the winds and bring down the rains upon the barren ground. He also took some earth and formed a third being, Landorus. He tasked Landorus with taking the rains and winds and using them to make the land fertile, for he had plans that would bring life to the entire world. Finally, before leaving to rest, Arceus drew forth and combined three columns of rock, steel and ice and created Regigigas. He instructed Regigagas to move the continents into groups pleasing to Arceus and also with creating the great mountains of the world.

After a time, Arceus returned and saw that his tasks had been completed, so he set about the next stage of his great plan. Arceus reached out his 1000 arms and from his hands he scattered 1000 seeds which fell into the rich, dark soil created by the genies. New life sprouted from the seeds, small green creatures called Shaymin. The Shaymin raced across the world and even soared across the sky and in their wake, the lands and seas burst into emerald bloom and plants blossomed across the world.

In time, Arceus realised that the plants would eventually run unchecked with the perfect conditions he had orchestrated in the world. He needed a cycle to create balance, one of growth and death which would allow fresh growth in its wake. So, he created the four Legendary birds: Lugia, Moltres, Zapdos and Articuno and tasked them with maintaining four seasons: Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter respectively. Finally, his world was ready for his greatest creation, life as we know it.

The Book of Legends

It was at this time that Arceus created the first pokemon without giving it a task. This pokemon was to be the chosen one, the one that would enjoy the beauty of the world. This pokemon was Mew. Mew was given the ability to be anything it wanted to be, do anything it wanted to do. In these early days there were many Mews, and they were happy and joyful. They explored the mysteries of the new forests, they dived to the depths of the sparkling seas, travelled to the edges of the wide open plains and soared to the heights of the breezy skies. Over time they began to change their shape to become better adapted to the conditions of their favourite places, and many Mews chose to sacrifice their changing shapes to choose one favourite form, and so many species of pokemon came to the world.

Arceus returned and saw the diversity and vibrancy of his world and was happy. He began to prepare a gift for the pokemon, a race of beings that would revere them and give them the adulation Arceus felt they deserved. Thus, the first humans were born and they did indeed revere the pokemon and many formed bonds of friendship.

For a while, all was good with the world, and the pokemon and the humans lived together in harmony. The pokemon showed the humans how to live in the world and the humans were grateful. In these early times, humans were primitive and lacked civility. They lived in stone caves and used stone tools to protect themselves from certain dangerous species of pokemon, like Aerodactyls and Kabutops and from the greatest hunter of all, Genesect. Instead of their pokemon allies, they instead began to revere the almighty stones that they made their tools from, and thus they built a great monument of stone to worship. The pokemon were unsettled by this, as the humans had begun to lose respect for them, and sensing this unsettlement, Regigigas returned from his wanderings to find the source. He found the monument of stone and was puzzled. Humans were meant to revere pokemon, and yet they revered a pillar of stone? He decided that this pillar of stone must be a pokemon and with a great boom as he stamped his feet, the pillar came to life and Regirock was born. Humans learnt the error of their ways for the time being and revered pokemon once more.

A thousand years passed and the humans carried on their simple existence. One Mew had chosen a very special form and had spent it’s time travelling the galaxy, now finally returned to the world of its birth on the back of a meteorite. He saw how the humans struggled in their caves and with their stone tools, and yet they served their pokemon loyally still. This Mew, who had taken the name Jirachi decided to grant a wish to the humans. The humans were very grateful and requested that Jirachi give them the knowledge to improve the quality of their lives. So, Jirachi took some of his own essence, of metal and wisdom, and gave the humans knowledge of metal working. Thus, the Iron Age of humans began.

Before long, history began to repeat itself. Humans became boastful of their iron tools and the strength this gave them and they began again to lose respect for their pokemon brethren. Once again they built a monument, but this time made of the precious iron they held so dear. Once again, unease spread throughout the pokemon world and so once again Regigigas came to investigate. He saw the pillar of iron and the same question came to his mind. If humans are meant to revere pokemon, why do they revere this pillar of iron? Again he came to the same conclusion, this pillar must be a pokemon, and Regigigas made it so with a crash of his huge limbs, Registeel was born.

Balance was restored to the world once more and all was peaceful for a long, long time. Many seasons passed, the great cycle being ushered ever onwards by the Legendary birds. Every year, Lugia would rise from the oceans with the fresh winds and spring rains that would drive away the winter’s freeze, Moltres would soon follow and warm the land, gifting the world with a balmy summer. Zapdos would have his turn, cracking the hot air with his lightning bolts and finally Articuno would complete the cycle, burying the world in snow, to ready the world for the new growth the following year.

The cycle happened many times and all was kept in check. However, after a time, Articuno grew proud and disdainful of the other three birds. She saw such great beauty in her creations, the delicate snowflakes, the soft drifts of snow, and the sparkling frosts. So, she decided to ignore the changing cycle and when her time came to relinquish her grip on the icy months of winter, she refused. The other birds were furious and great wars broke out, however winter would rule the land for many years to come. Thus the Ice Age began.

During this time, the humans suffered as did many species of pokemon. Many were forced to flee to safer places, or adapt to the new conditions. Pokemon such as Cradilly and Cranidos could not cope with the cold and so disappeared all together. The forests were threatened by the creeping cold and deep within one such forest, a new pokemon was born, a protector of the forest – Celebi. The forest had sensed the danger to itself, and so, desperate for survival, it sent Celebi through time to find the great creator to come and rescue them.

Despite the many hardships that were faced in this time, some pokemon thrived and enjoyed the constant arctic conditions. Mamoswines flourished and Cryogonals multiplied in number, although humans still begged for the winter to end. While Lugia, Zapdos and Moltres battled against Articuno and the ice pokemon, humans began to pray to Articuno for mercy. They built a monument of Ice in her honour and made offerings to her at its base. Regigigas returned for a third time, with Regirock and Registeel in its wake. Once again he puzzled as to why the humans were worshipping a pillar of ice, and once again with an earth shattering roar, he brought the pillar to life as Regice however unfortunately this time it wasn’t enough to bring peace to the world.

Throughout the great war, Celebi had been slipping back and forth through time, desperately search for Arceus to seek the creators aid. Eventually, he found him, and when Arceus heard what Articuno was done, his fury had no bounds. He followed Celebi through time to confront the Legendary bird of Ice and he brought his Judgement against her. Arceus commanded Lugia to bring her spring rains and winds to drive against against the winter, and he commanded the Legendary golems to push back the glaciers of ice that covered the world. With a concerted effort and a great blast of holy flame from Arceus’s forehead, Articuno was put in her place and the Endless Winter finally ended. The snows retreated, as did Articuno’s icey pokemon brethren and the Legendary bird meekly returned to her duty. Arceus blessed Lugia with the power to subdue Articuno or the other two Legendary birds lest this ever happen again. Mirthful, Arceus celebrated in his triumph, and from the bright licks of flames still pouring from his body, Victini sparked to life to remind the world forever as a symbol of Arceus’s victory.

Arceus would soon leave to explore the universe once again, but before he did he created once again. He reached out his 1000 arms and gathered light from the sun and the moon. From the sunlight, he created Latias and from the moonlight he created Latios. He tasked them with travelling the world and the universe to spread news of Arceus’s great power and to remind all to never again betray him, but to spread love and compassion to all. Thus, Latios and Latias never rested again, travelling forever after. Lastly, in the creation of Regirock, Registeel and Regice, Arceus saw the loss of respect and reverence for pokemon by the humans. He reached out his 1000 arms once more to scoop up water from three great lakes on one of the continents. From the water of one lake, he created Mesprit who embodied emotion. From the waters of another he created Azelf, who embodied willpower. From the last he created Uxie, who embodied knowledge. With the creation of these three guardians, he gifted the humans with a conscience, so that they may choose the correct path in life. As Arceus’s final gift to the humans, he created a new race of pokemon, the Unown. He instructed these mysterious pokemon to teach the humans the written word of Arceus, so that they may spread the word of his glory among them. The humans rejoiced and sang and danced and their merry music gave birth to Meloetta who spread happiness and joy and taught the humans the song of Arceus.

Satisfied that the world could now continue unhindered in his absence, he left once again, to explore the stars.