the yaan

Evening to you. Its dark and chilly and very wet. Out front, where we have a paddock, we now have a lake. Looks good and the waterbirds are already beginning to come over from the wetlands. I have my old Bulndstones out. They’re my boots which have served me well since 2001. I got them in Armidale. Size 3. Argued with the ex husband about the size at the time but I was correct.  I take a size 3 in shoes and each time I allow someone to convince me that it isn’t possible.That its a child’s size and I am really a size 4 - each time I do that , my Soul suffers via the sole.

I am a Size 3. The Blundstones take me through dress occasions and floodwaters with equal dependability.

I have my Bundagen jacket out. I got it the other day at Bundagen Cafe on a Tuesday at lunchtime. Someone was moving out of the Community and had all their discarded clothes out in the Main House for free. I chose a jacket which didn’t look right at the time due to its still being hot and dry. Turned out to be a good choice today with its hood and bulk.

The rain seems to have stopped. The Predicters say there is a lot more to come - but for now - it has stopped and my world looks rather good. I heard last night of a local family using a milk churn for their fireplace and  I wouldn’t mind one of my own.