Social Network Community Comes Together to Run 50 Mile Relay, Mojo Loco

Ft. Myers, Florida, October 10 , 2010 -- To show the social side of social networks and  the cohesiveness of the virtual running community, 12 runners, many of whom only know each through through social newtorking websites, such as Facebook, Twitter and The Daily Mile are planning an independent relay race from the landmark St. Augustine Lighthouse to the historic Daytona Beach Bandshell on December 11, 2010.

The independent relay run known as Mojo Loco will consist of three teams of four runners each. Each participant will run three legs to complete the course which is approximately 50 miles.  Participants will run legs in tandem with a members of the other teams.  All participants will run the final mile together. The runners expect to complete the course in 10 hours.

Adam Tinkoff, the creator of Mojo Loco said “This is an independent relay event where a diverse group of runners that are only “virtually” connected through social networks like Facebook and Twitter,, will finally have an opportunity to come together to share their passion for a sport they love in the real world. I’m sure this will be a phenomenal experience for everyone involved. We hope that others across the planet will take notice of what we’re doing and adopt our idea of focusing on the social aspect of social networking to bring virtual friends together in the real world.”

Mojo Loco is also being run as an “open-source event”, which is an increasingly popular format where the costs of producing the event are absorbed by the participants, but there are no additional fees for participation like the more traditional running events.

For more information on how to plan your own Mojo Loco event, please contact Adam Tinkoff at or 239-714-0097.