YWTF-DC is a growing organization and we are always looking for enthusiastic young women who are committed to our mission and values to join our leadership team!  You must be able to work cooperatively, be able to share power, decision-making, and willing to learn and grow with others personally and professionally.

To be considered for an Executive Board position you must: Submit a letter of intent to the Chapter Director indicating which position(s) you plan to run for  and why at fhocaoglu82@gmail.com.  

CHAPTER DIRECTOR: The Chapter Director is the national representative for YWTF-DC and the administrator of the local chapter.

Duties: Lead the chapter and board of directors, set meetings and meeting agendas as well as facilitate monthly board and membership meetings. Conducts new board member orientation. The Chapter Director is responsible for keeping chapter records and archives, and monitoring chapter activities. She shall oversee the execution of all programs, events, and fundraising produced or sponsored by YWTF: DC.

 Participate in one monthly YWTF Chapter Directors’ calland fellow the chapter directors across the country. Submit reports on chapter activities to the National Director as requested. If applicable to your term, you must attend or participate in any National sponsored Leadership programming.

You should Run for this Position if you: Have previous experience in organizational leadership, activism, and movement building. Are very adaptable, meaning you can work well alone, in a small, and with a large group of people. Are creative and can think outside of the box when structuring an event or brainstorming with the members. Have some meeting facilitation experience and can look at the big picture and intricate details of running an organization and all of its parts. Are willing to serve at the top, which can mean making tough unpopular decisions. Are flexible and don’t mind doing administrative tasks like photocopying, cleaning, or anything else that needs to get done. Have a professional demeanor and a positive outlook—like with any top leadership position you must serve as a figurehead and motivator even when the chips are down, you’re tired, or sick. You should have some event planning experience or be willing to take the time and energy to mount the steep learning curve.

OUTREACH AND DEVELPOMENT DIRECTOR The Outreach and Development Director builds relationships within the membership as well as with groups, organizations, governments and companies for the development of YWTF: DC Metro. The Outreach Director actively researches, recruits, and solicits these organizations to:

1. Build relationships between YWTF: DC Metro and the community, coalitions, community members

2. Develop a grassroots organizing strategy to further the YWTF Brand

3. Work with third party organizations to co-sponsor activities

4. Cultivate relationships within YWTF: DC Metro and bring new members to the group to generate a larger membership.  

In addition, this director guides the fundraising efforts of the chapter. She works with fellow board members to plan and execute fundraising events and other activities to increase the capacity and influence of the chapter in our community.

You should run for this position if you: Love people, have a lot of contacts in D.C. metro area, are enthusiastic about our organization and are eager to get more people involved in YWTF: DC Metro to help further our mission and vision. In addition, have fundraising experience, can get along with and relate to various groups of people in varied settings and would enjoy working with a small but dedicated executive board.

FINANCE DIRECTOR The Finance Director keeps financial records, works with the NCWO office to monitor YWTF: DC Metro bank account and creates event budgets. In addition, she works with fellow board members to plan and execute fundraising events for the chapter.

You should run for this position if you: Have previous experience or would like to gain experience in organizational financing, are able to work independently and with a small group of people, are creative and can think outside of the box for fundraising opportunities.

MEMBERSHIP DIRECTOR The Membership Director works to expand chapter membership by working with fellow board members to plan and expand activities and events that engage current members and cultivate and retain new members.  She also tracks sign-ups at events and adds new members to the chapter listserv.

You should run for this position if you: Have previous experience managing membership for an organization and or managing a listserv. Love meeting new people and working collaboratively. Enjoy planning activities/programs/events for groups. Think creatively and are passionate about helping YWTF:DC grow its membership.

PROGRAM DIRECTOR: The Program Director is responsible for planning, tracking and working with fellow board members to execute programs, events and group activities.  Works with board to create time lines for the completion of tasks and logistics and updating Program/Event Google worksheets. She also works with Membership Director to expand volunteer and group activities.

You should run for this position if you: Have experience managing or planning programs, events or group activities or are willing to learn. Enjoy working in groups as well as individually.  Are creative and innovative when it comes to planning and executing programming.  

COMMUNICATIONS DIRECTOR The Communications Director is the editor of the monthly newsletter.  She manages social media tools including Facebook page, twitter and the blogspot website.  Works with fellow board members to finalize content related to Chapter activities, events and programming and has strong editing, content management and messaging skills.  

You should run for this position if you: have experience or a strong interest in communications, journalism, writing and research.  Are creative, flexible and enjoy working on your own and with a group.