Huck Finn Chapter Directions:

draft version due monday

final version due a week from today (wed)

Y picture of self

Y short bio of self

Y header picture (books that spell out social or books holding hands or SOMEthing)

Y title that includes book (Big River Conversations: Social Reading and Research in the Digital Age) or somethin.

Y teaser content: image, epigraph (thesis stands out), scene,

N add explicit citations for secondary Internet texts

Y- at least 1 source that talks about primary text (chronicle), 1 that relates it to dig culture (bloom)

Y relevant to issue of writing in the dig age

Y/N process and personality

Y subheadings?

Outline/ Goals:

Digital Claim: Literary research/ reading is no longer be a solitary process done in isolation (as Harold Bloom claims it is in FIT - cite). Students must engage in social inquiry in order to fully appreciate a text and understand the conversations surrounding it. Online mediums provide a perfect context for this type of research. Can we truly engage with a text if we have not done this research that cannot be found in simple academic journals? We can experience texts in different ways, engage in conversations with people who are interested in our text,

1. engage my primary text - show how Huck didn’t just learn in a classroom. his learning extended beyond the classroom with jim and the theives and the conversations he was involved in outside of the educational environment. We dont’ have to travel down a river on a raft to engage in this kind of social learning. It can happen on the internet and in the domain of digital.

2. validate the importance of digital research and the plethora of material that can enrich the reading experience. narrate experience with sound bites of performances of his speeches, emblems he drew and his signature, listening to book instead of just reading it (librivox), photographs of Twain, etc (see online sources)

3. show secondary academic resources that explore discussion but have moved over to the online domain as well (chronicle of higher ed blog and hearken back to Secret Joys article)


Academic Resources:

Online Resources:

More ideas for more research to do