[in Em capo+3 to Gm.  chords:  Em+6,9: 044000  Bm+4b6: x24040 Dm9/A: x03230

 D+4: 05403x Em9:  054000 ]

intro:  |[Em, Em+6,9, Em, Em9 :]|

I *know about the city buried under the DIA (Em Bm+4b6 Dm9/A A)

and how the black helicopters will carry the bankers away (Am Em Em+6,9 C7 B7)

When civilization crumbles and the hands of the  Federal Reserve (repeat 1st line)

and the New World Order tells us who to serve (second line)


I know some hidden things, others might pass by (Em G Am B7)

I know some secrets that the man tries to deny (Em G Am C D+4)

I know all the mysteries, and I’ll share them all with you  (G Em Am C)

I’d like to *sit a little closer and learn the mysteries of you (G Em Am B7 Em)

I know where the LA tunnels are found, they run for miles and miles thru the underground

A million years old, built by an unknown race,

of reptilian humanoids that vanished without a trace

I know about the body count Bill Clinton left behind,

How digital TV signals control your mind,

About the alien shapeshifters behind the rubber skin and masks

How Princess *Di tried to tell us before they rigged the car crash

I know about the secret experiments they performed in the dark

in the bunkers buried under the *Camp Hero State Park

I’ve seen the papers *proving Obama’s Kenyan past

How KAL 007 was eaten by huge mutant crabs

© William W. Cohen 2015