The starred references below are required reading for all students. In fact, if you stick to the main points in these references (particularly Zobel’s book), you will be able to avoid common writing problems. Copies of the Zobel and Strunk/White are available in the lab or with me.

You are expected to have intimate knowledge of these references. Please send me paper drafts only after correcting the writing problems pointed out in these books. I would rather spend the time fixing the content, structure, and ideas rather than pointing out grammatical or style errors. I would also recommend that you practice these rules in every email that you send, and proofread your emails to avoid grammatical errors and use good writing style.

Beyond the starred references, there are various other references that you may find useful. I have read some but not all of them, so please send me comments if you find any of these particularly useful or useless.

Specific to Computer Science

Grammar and Style

Scientific Writing