Group Rules and Indemnification Agreement

In addition to signing the SEPTL Borrowing Agreement and the SEPTL Rules and Disclaimer Agreement, those borrowing for a Group must also agree to the terms presented here.

The individual who is borrowing SEPTL equipment for use by a Group:


  1. Agrees to indemnify SEPTL for any liability arising from the use of SEPTL tools by Group members.
  2. Will ensure that anyone using the equipment has been properly trained and, if any users are younger than 18 years, will also instruct, and properly and adequately supervise them.
  3. Assures that every one using the borrowed tools will wear appropriate safety gear such as hardhats and ear and eye protection, as needed.
  4. Agrees that only NON-power tools will be borrowed for use by group members.

5.  Agrees that this Group Loan is for one specific Event, and that any future Group Loan will require a new Agreement.

I __________________________ (print name) ,  ____________________________ (print title)

am borrowing SEPTL tools to be used by members of _______________________________________________ (print name of group),

for an Event occurring on ______________________ (date/s).

I have read, understood and agree to this Group Rules and Indemnification Agreement.

Signed ________________________________  

Date _________________

Revised 2/20/2012