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WHAP - Mr. Duez                                CH 22 The Rise and Fall of World Communism 1917–Present

Using the Evidence: Experiencing Stalinism.

Use the documents in Strayer (p. 1060-1069) and your knowledge of Chapter 22 to assist.

  Choose one of the two sides listed below. Defend or criticize Stalin. There is no correct answer in the choosing of the side. Either defending or criticizing Stalin will work if your argument/opinion is backed by evidence.

          Write your response on this paper and turn it in by the end of the period. You may write on the back, you may also write on a separate sheet of paper and staple to this page.

  Be sure to have included a thesis statement in the introduction, topic sentences for each paragraph, multiple body paragraphs that include evidence to back up your thesis, and a conclusion.

Defending Stalinism: Develop an argument that the fundamental goals of Stalinism (building socialism) were largely achieved during the 1930s. In what ways did the Stalin era represent a revolutionary transformation of Soviet society?


Criticizing Stalinism: Develop an argument that genuine socialism was essentially betrayed or perverted by the developments of the Stalin era. In what ways did it continue older patterns of Russian history?