Using a Digital Voice Recorder

Before Recording

Only the recorder is provided at checkout. You must provide your own AAA battery to make a recording.

•           Do a Test recording first  


Select the correct settings for recording (p. 19).  Choose appropriate quality settings for the type and length of the recording: a one hour interview might require different settings than three separate two hour lectures (p. 27). The Highest Quality setting (ST XQ) will allow 8+ hours of recording time, while the lowest quality setting (LP) will allow 138+ hours (p. 98).

Copy the recording to a computer

Connect the voice recorder to a computer via the built-in USB (p. 46). Then, open the storage folders on the recorder (p. 30) to find the voice files and copy them to a computer local.

Edit the recording

If changes must be made to the original recording, import a copy of the clip from a local computer into an audio editing program (such as GarageBand, Audacity etc.) to edit out sections or to divide a recording into separate clips (see suggestions for doing this on page 2).

Playing the recording and Making CDs

You can copy your recordings onto a CD: audio CD for CD players, mp3 CD for computers, etc. Be aware of the file format of the original recording (it is wma if you’re using the WS-M311). If the recording is going to be played in iTunes, change the format to mp3. To do that, you can use a wma-to-mp3 converting program.

Note: the following are suggestions of audio editing software, media players, and converting programs for your consideration. Follow the provided links:

Software and Freeware Recommendations




Software Support


Windows Media Player