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Finduyn was a happy, normal Mary-Sue. She lived a perfect life, in a perfect world. Her mother, Eowyn, was, completely contrary to Canon, Queen of Rohan. Her father, Farimir, had stayed in Ithilien, where he served Éowyn and Faramir as a servant and occasional body-double. Éomer was living there now too, having been deposed by Eowyn's brother Eomer early in the Fourth Age. He was, in fact, happier lazing around in his sister's house than he had been as king.

But back to Finduyn. Her 'Sueness was complete -- she had the stupid name, the dazzlingly blonde hair (sorry, Golden), and a horse named, interestingly, Horse. No one ever suspect she was anything other than what she seemed, until one day...


Finduyn looked up from where she had been attempting to make pink flowers grow in a field -- for some reason, they would only grow in yellow, though they were quite pretty -- and saw a man lying on the grass in front of her. He had dark hair, cut rather short, and was wearing a black costume unlike anything she had ever seen.

Or had she? In the depths of her mind, a memory stirred. Something about black... she had worn black, once... and then pink, pink had stolen it away... she shook her head, trying to put aside the troubling thoughts, as she walked over to help the man.

As she approached, she heard his mutterings, words she only half-understood. "Stupid malfunctioning Remote Activators dropping me in the middle of nowhere I was /busy/ stupid thing..." Then he looked up, saw Finduyn, and his eyes widened. "

She shook her head, and replied, "No, good sir, I am Finduyn, daughter of Eowyn and Farimir," but something in her recognised the name, recognised him. From a hidden place in her soul, a memory began to rise. A name...

"No, no you aren't, I'd know you anywhere," the man said. "You're Elanor Laison. You... but... you

Suddenly the memory struck her. "Mortic? I remember... Mortic..."

He blinked, and smiled. "You remember me?"

She shook her head, more in confusion than denial. "I remember... something. But it cannot be true. I am the daughter of Eowyn and Farimir... but... I remember death..."

Mortic bit his lip. "You died... on a mission... I thought I'd lost you. But now I find out you've been reincarnated, and as a 'Sue, no less... wow." He stood up, and looked at her. He was slightly taller than her, but Finduyn remembered that in her normal shoes, she would be of a height with him.

"Mortic, I... I remember... a little. But I... it's been so long... I was
dead." Finduyn -- or was it Elanor? -- shook her head. "Who am I?"

Mortic stepped forward, and took her hand. "You are who you have always been, Elanor. You're just... not quite yourself right now."

"But how will I ever be?" she asked. "There is nothing in this world, no herb that I have used, no spell that I have seen, that can restore the memories of another life. Not even Gandalf could have done that, and he is long gone."

Mortic looked at her with a raised eyebrow. "You really
have forgotten a lot, haven't you? We'll have to see if Makes-Things can fix something up when we get back... if you're coming back, that is." He looked at her, hopeful.

Finduyn smiled nervously. "I have always dreamed of leaving home, travelling to far corners of the world. Perhaps you can tell me why. I will join you, Mortic."

He breathed a sigh of relief. "
Thank you. You don't know how happy this makes me." Holding up a metal device in his hand, he pressed a button, and a blue doorway appeared in the air. Taking her hand -- she did not resist -- he stepped through.

Finduyn found herself on the edge of a steep cliff inside a cave. Far below, fire rushed in a river. She had a sudden vivid image of a girl, pink-haired and wearing a orange and purple dress, being thrown over the cliff by Mortic and a shorter-haired, black-clad version of herself.

Beside her, Mortic let out a loud sigh. "The stupid thing's still malfunctioning. That should have taken us straight back to HQ." Looking at Finduyn, he added, "This may take a little longer than I thought."

Elanor, who had been Finduyn, smiled. She had just remembered exactly how close she and Mortic had been, and did not mind the thought of spending time with him at all.