Tug McGurt aka “Blackfell”, was born to Liam and Annie McGurt in 565ff, in the Jade Colonies community Seed.  He almost died at birth from jaundice but narrowly pulled through.  He is the fourth of six children.

Liam and Annie were hard people.  Liam was a third generation miner and Annie was the daughter of the local miller.  They have a severe work ethic and value broad shoulders and a strong back.  In their eyes Tug is nothing more than a sickly, lazy malingerer, always looking to get out of work and responsibility.

Tug got little more approval from his peers.  He was put to work in the mines at an early age, doing manual labor.  Almost immediately he showed signs of “dustblight”.  An ailment considered a sign of a poor constitution amongst the miners, it is actually an allergy to a mineral common in the area.  The primary symptom is the loss of all hair on one’s scalp.  Amongst the other children this earned Tug the nickname “Egghead”.  

In early adolescence after tricking another local boy into working his shift in the mine Tug ran away and met the wizard _____.  It was then Tug’s arcane life began.

The wizard ______ recognized here was a potential apprentice, the sort of apprentice that was possessed of such vast intellectual gifts he could advance the career of his master.  For his part Tug immediately felt that magic was the missing component of his life, he had stumbled upon a universe of enigmas and mysteries for his adroit mind to explore.

Tug’s teenage years were troubled, he was forced to work in the mines, but perpetually escaped to continue learning magic and other hidden lore.  When the time came for his compulsory MARG duty he jumped at the chance.  Although he dreads the thought of traipsing around in the weeds on patrol he believes it is a way to truly escape Seed and begin to see the wider world.

Whenever there is no one from Seed about, Tug introduces himself as “Blackfell” or even “Lord Blackfell” a new persona he is inventing for himself.