Statement emailed to reporters, Charles Chadwell, president, Round Rock school board,  4:03 pm, Oct. 25, 2012

Here is my response to Tere McCann’s press release sent out yesterday (copied below:

For clarification, no specific ages were mentioned at the RRISD Board sex ed workshop held on October 11th.  Mr. McCann did not attend the workshop, nor has he attended any Board meeting since announcing his candidacy over two months ago.  (He has never attended a Board meeting other than a couple of times early this year, and he only stayed long enough to register a complaint about one topic: protecting school boundaries for his children.)  McCann claims to have conservative values, but he hasn’t made time to attend any Board-related activities where these topics are discussed and deliberated.  He and his running mate, Pauline Law, are using the same campaign advisor, Bill Gravell, an out-of-town fundamentalist preacher, who seems to be driving them towards a religious agenda.

If he had looked at the full story, he would have seen that the Board asked the Superintendent to prepare an age-appropriate sex ed curriculum for all RRISD middle and high school students.  The Superintendent and his staff will present their recommendation at the regular Board meeting on November 15th.


Charles Chadwell

RRISD Board of Trustees, President