Alcoholic Beverage Licensing Committee


Tuesday, October 18, 2011 7-8:45pm

Sherwood Recreation Center (10th and G Sts NE)

I. Welcome/Purpose of Meeting

This is the second in a series of three special meeting to discuss the possible need for a cap on alcohol licenses in ANC6A.  The first meeting last month was designed to educate the community about the cap process and the pros/cons of such a cap.  This meeting is will focus on community reaction to the possible need for a cap.

II. Review of Informational Meeting

The Committee will give a brief recap of the first informational meeting and talk about potential options the ANC could consider.

III. Community Comment

Given the expected high level of interest in this meeting, we will ask that public comments be limited to two to three minutes each in an effort to give everyone a fair opportunity to provide their input.  Once everyone has been given an opportunity to speak once, we will recognize individuals for a second round of comments if time permits.  Please keep comments focused on the larger question of a possible cap--not complaints about a specific establishment.

IV. Adjourn

(Next Meeting Date – November 15, 2011)


Please visit for any updates to the agenda.