ACTS 7 Lyrics

Believin Stephen featuring Stephen the Levite

The Suffering Servant



Stephen the Levite: (Verse based off Acts 6)

Here's a little story that must be told

unfold grace and boldness before it turns cold

Along with, 6 others, this brother was one of the first deacons (v: 5)

yes, I am referring to Stephen

(full of) grace and power, signs and wonders (v: 8)

and irresistible wisdom, since the Spirit was with him (v: 10)

(but the) haters now are hypin' stuff up (Acts 6:11-12)

bearin' witness against him. Sense the wickedness in them? (v: 12-14)

they sieze him and bring him before officials with issues (v: 12)

sayin' he's dissin' Moses and the Temple (v: 11)

so they ask "is this true?" (Acts 7:1)

this is his defense to the charges, listen in for the whistle


Rest of the song based off Acts 7


Believin Stephen: (Verse based of Acts 7)

This is the story of Israel’s history

The God of glory appeared, revealed mysteries (v: 2)

To Abraham he gave the plan

Said forsake your fam, He displayed the land (v: 3-4)

And although he had no child breathin (v:4-5)

He departed the land of the Chaldeans (v:4)

Cause God promised to give a land to his offspring (v:5-6)

Sarah was old they doubted but God brought him (Isaac) (v:8)

I’m aware you’re lovin your tradition

To Abraham He gave the covenant of circumcision (v:8)

Isaac fathered Jacob, Jacob fathered Joseph (v:8-9)

Joseph-his favorite, his bros watched and noticed (v:9)

They threw em in a pit, he was sold to Egypt (v:9-10)

He didn’t throw a fit, but he’d boldly predict

The dreams of Pharaoh, he gave him favor (v:10)

A famine struck now here come the traitors (his bros) (v:11-12)

They needed grain, he’d see their pain (v:12-14)

His deeds were brave, and he forgave (v:14)

They dwelt in Egypt and multiplied (v:17)

A new king rose up exalted high (v:18)

Killed our infants, he was foul and was bitter (v:19)

Moses sent down the Nile found in the river (v:20)

Pharaoh’s daughter adopted him (v:21)

In Egypt, taught by men but he’d go slaughter (v:22)

An Egyptian, for afflictin of his kinsmen (v:24)

Moses was so bothered (v:24)

An Israelite asked if he’d kill again (v:27-28)

This instilled fright so he fled to Midian (v:29)


Stephen the Levite:

Let me step in and interrupt this history lesson

to make sure that you catch what he's stressin'

He's still answerin' their questions, but peep his direction (v:1)

and use truth to prove what he's says fam

so far he's provin' that both Moses and Joseph were persecuted (v:9; v:27-29)

notice him focus in as you're searchin' through it

this ain't the end though, listen on as the story continues

he still has yet to address the temple (v:46-50)


Believin Stephen: (Based on Acts 7:30-53)

Forty years later the Lord appeared (v:30)

In a burning bush Moses surely feared (v:32)

He stood on holy ground…in this place (v:33)

So he hid his face…in his disgrace (v:32)

The Lord said, “I’ve seen my people’s pains and groans (v:34)

I’m sending you to go to Pharaoh’s thrones (v:34)

To free them, I’ve seen all your suffering

Moses said, “Send me??? I..I’m always stuttering”

This same Moses whom they despised (v:35)

Performed wonders and many signs (v:36)

He hit a rock, water sprayed like faucets (

And he told them to await a greater prophet (Jesus) (v:37)

God gave him the law, the Ten Commandments (v:38)

They saw Moses was gone, the men abandoned (v:40)

The Lord their God, these fools would craft (v:41)

A golden calf…angered God..holy wrath (v:41-43)

Then Moses made the tabernacle (v:44)

Wherever they went they smashed in battle (v:45)

To build God a house David was ponderin (v:46)

But this task… he gave it to Solomon (v:47)

(But) God doesn’t dwell in houses made by men (v:48)

He created them, that’s no place for Him (v:48-50)

So look to God and not the best steeple (v:48-50)

But you resist the Spirit…..stiff-necked people (v:51)

Which of the prophets did you not persecute? (v:52)

Even the Messiah, you’ve murdered too!! (v:52)


Stephen the Levite:

His defense is seen by these to be offensive

preachin' through Jewish history redemptive (v:2-53)

they're ticked and wish to get him grind their teeth against him (v:54)

but he looks in the heavens and says then: (v:55)


Believin Stephen: 

I see the heavens opened and Christ stands (v:56)

Right next to the Father at His right hand (v:55-56)


Stephen the Levite:

They cry out with a loud voice and stop their ears (v:57)

so they don't hear, then rush the dude and dragged him out of there (v:57)

they cast him outside of the city and stone him (v:58)

while young Saul is holdin' their coats then... (v:58)


Believin Stephen:

By God’s grace I seem so fearless

Lord Jesus receive my Spirit!!! (v:59)


Stephen the Levite:

as the stones hit him he falls to his knees (v:60)

about to sleep, ending his life with this final plea: (v:60)


Believin Stephen:

Please Lord don’t hold it against them (v:60)

This life will pass…I ‘ll go to the next one!!


BRIDGE (First performed by Stephen the Levite (2x) and then Believin Stephen (3x)

Stephen and Stephen speakin about Stephen

It’s Acts 7, Levite, Believin