PED 201 – Professor Yang

Reflection:  Lab Six

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A. To reflect on your experiences working with the St. Mary’s students.

B. To gain knowledge and insight as to your individual “teaching style” through play and participation.

Answer the following questions to the best of your ability.

TASK A/B:  Reflection on experiences working with St. Mary’s students.

  1. Based upon observations and interactions with the St. Mary’s students, describe what you have learned about young children?  Provide examples of activities you felt were appropriate. Why? Were there activities that were not appropriate?  Why?  


I learned that kids wont always want to play your games and that you need to find a way to get them involved. The first week I was there I had the older kids and they gave us a hard time not wanting to play our “baby games” even before they knew what our games were. I said alright then if you don't want to play my game I guess I will go and play my capture the flag game myself. When I said that they got all into the game and they actually got into the game.

  1. Based upon your interactions with St. Mary’s PRE K program, describe your experience.  How was this different from working with the older age students?  Did you enjoy working with younger age children?  Why or Why not?

The kids in Pre-K are willing to play any game that you give them to play. In our Thanksgiving lab we had the kids dribbling during the game and they didn't even notice because they were focused on getting to the fake food because it looked interesting. Also the after they got the food the faster they could get back on the scooters. When it comes to the older kids you need to bring more of a competitive sense in order for them to participate in your game. I enjoyed working with all the age levels because it gives me a sense of what I get to look forward to. Also I feel not that if there is any job opening like a grade school or a high school I wouldn't care which one I would get.

  1.  During your field experience, each of you worked with children in the cafeteria setting.  Describe the fine motor activities you observed.  Do you feel that working on fine motor activities is something we should work on in Physical Education.

I think that working on fine motor skills is important in physical education because we are trying to help create well-rounded individuals.  Incorporating fine motor skills into the physical education setting will allow the student to make connections between subjects that they learn in the normal classroom and what they learn in the physical education class.

  1.  Reflecting on your growth as a future teacher, what have you learned from this experience that has given you insight as to your individual “teaching style”.  Has your teaching style emerged based upon your experience and interaction at St. Mary’s.  If yes, in what way.  If not, how else might this occur?

 I feel like with the experience at St. Marys I have come to realize that if you get more into your task you are trying to teach the kids will respond better.

Also I have noticed that kids really do have a short attention span even if it is a game they want to play so you need to keep any explanations of the games short and simple.