Complete List of Texts Read


This is probably overkill.

  1. Should Mozilla Pitch This Firefox Full Screen Browser? | ConceivablyTech
  2. The 4 Biggest Stories in Tech, Business, & Social Media This Morning| Mashable
  3. Who Connects with Whom? A social network analysis of an online open source software community” | First Monday. BTW, this article describes SourceForge as “the largest Open Source community” which is pretty false in some respects.
  4. Microsoft eyeing own-brand Windows 8 tablet for end of 2012? | engadget
  5. When Online Tutorials Hurt Rather Than Help | Books, Bytes and Blogs
  6. Megatrend University | The Chronicle of Higher Education
  7. The Five Worst (Hard) Science Fiction Movies Ever | Technology Review
  8. (self-explanatory)
  9. W3C Weekly HTML Teleconference | W3C
  10. What is Crowdsourcing Infographic | iLibrarian => Rent A Coder
  11. J.J. Barea can succeed in the right offensive system | Ball Don’t Lie
  12. Information Literacy Beyond Library 2.0 | Facet Publishing
  13. Inside the US-Anglo-French plan to civilize the Internet | Ars Technica
  14. The Geography of Immigrant Skills: Educational Profiles of Metropolitan Areas | Brookings
  15. Supreme Court Affirms High Standard of Proving Patents Invalid | Electronic Frontier Foundation
  16. Our first round of Google Research Awards for 2011 | Google Research Blog
  17. Libraries using Twitter: How do you deal approach the thorny issue of replies?| The Wikiman
  18. Thundercat reveals Flying Lotus-produced LP | Pitchfork
  19. When You Should Still Use a Relational Database Instead of NoSQL | Read Write Web
  20. NYT Crowdsources the Review of 24,000 Palin Emails | Read Write Web
  21. Save Yourself from Weiner-Caliber Online Embarrassment with Internet Shame Insurance | Lifehacker
  22. Woman catches husband in fake murder plot with fake Facebook profile | Mashable
  23. Learning PHP, MySQL, and JavaScript: A Step-by-Step Guide to Creating Dynamic Websites | Robin Nixon (read only about 20 pages)
  24. Total Gmail emails: 48
  25. Total listserv emails (included in above): 5 digests, 12 individual
  26. Total links read from emails: 4
  27. Total reference account emails: 2
  28. Total Tweets: 175
  29. Total links read from Twitter: 7
  30. Total Facebook posts: 65
  31. Total links read from Facebook: 0
  32. Text messages: 2