Lab News:


April 2016 -  Jeffrey has been selected to receive an ACS-Hach Foundation Scholarship.

April 2016 - Fatih successfully passes his ORP. He is now officially a PhD candidate.

March 2016 - Fatih published his first paper in Soft Matter on “Coacervation and Precipitation in Polysaccharide-protein Systems.”


May 2015 - Daniel Seeman completes his Ph.D. dissertation. Wishing Dr. Seeman all the best with his new job as a postdoc at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).

Undergraduate Chemistry Major Jessica Maat joins the Dubin Lab.

The Dubin Group starts off the new year with a publication in Langmuir on “Complex Equilibria, Speciation, and Heteroprotein Coacervation of Lactoferrin and β-lactoglobulin”.


Prof. Dubin organized a Minisymposium on Complex Coacervation which was held at the 248th ACS National Meeting, in San Francisco.

Bingqian Zheng and Alex Malanowski were awarded, respectively, the Bradspies Research Fellowship and the Professor Jack Ragle Research Fellowship.

Dubin Lab hosted invited seminar speaker, Prof. Steven Cramer (Professor Cramer's Website).

April 2014 - Bingqian Zheng and Alex Malanowski were honored at the Chemistry Department Undergraduate Awards Dinner (link).

February 2014 - Professor Dubin has been recently funded for "Non-chromatographic Methods for Monoclonal Antibody Purification" (NHMPP) and "Complex Formation between polyTMA and Anionic Mixed Micelles" (BASF).

January 2014 - Burcu Baykal Minsky completes her dissertation defense.


Bingqian Zheng receives a Commonwealth College $1000 grant in support of Honors thesis research

Collaboration initiated with MassBiologics for work on monoclonal antibody purification (Seeman, Malanowski)

Burcu Baykal Minsky accepts postdoc at the Max Planck Institute I-Stuttgart ("Intelligent Systems")

Grant from BASF for research on polyelectrolyte-micelle coacervation

Paul Dubin visits ECUST (Shanghai) and Taipei for keynote lecture at NTUST

October 2013 - Sean completes his master’s thesis (“Hetero-Protein Coacervation and Complex Equilibria Between Beta-lactoglobulin and Lactoferrin”).

September 2013 - Ebru Kizilay successfully defends her Ph.D. dissertation (“Coacervation of Oppositely Charged Macromolecules, Micelles and Proteins: Disproportionation and Hierarchical Structures”) and heads off to MIT.  

A recent publication from the Dubin Lab, “Enhanced electrostatic discrimination of proteins on a nanoparticle-coated surface”, was highlighted by the Journal of Materials Chemistry (

September 2013 - Ebru accepts a postdoc offer from Prof. Brad Olsen in the department of chemical engineering at MIT.

September 2013 - Prof. Dubin attends ACS meeting in Indianapolis this fall (Fall 2013 ACS Meeting).

August 2013 - Daniel Seeman represented the Dubin Group at the Bioprocessing Summit in Boston, MA (Agenda for 'High Concentration Protein Formulations').

Summer 2013 - The Dubin research group planned and hosted an ICE-IGERT (Institute for Cellular Engineering Homepage) training module on polymer and biomaterial molecular weight characterization methods.

Summer 2013 - This has been a productive year for the Dubin Lab with five papers currently accepted, and more currently in the works.

May 2013 - Daniel Seeman travels to Antigonish, NS to learn Monte Carlo Simulations from Prof. David Pink.

May 2013 - Prof. Dubin traveled to Boston, MA to give a talk on protein aggregation at the Protein Engineering Summit (PEGS).

April 2013 - Dubin lab hosted Professor C. Russell Middaugh, from the  University of Kansas  (Professor Middaugh's Website).

April 2013 - Spring was a busy semester in the Dubin Lab.  Two papers were accepted this semester including “Counterion condensation on heparin oligomers” (Biomacromolecules) and “pH-Dependent Aggregation and Disaggregation of Native β-Lactoglobulin in Low Salt” (Langmuir)

Winter 2013 - Dubin Lab welcomes first year chemistry graduate student Fatih Comert who has hit the ground running on two coacervation related projects.

Winter 2013 - Our comprehensive review article on “Protein-Polyelectrolyte Interactions” was accepted to SoftMatter.

Winter 2013 - A collaboration with Prof. David Pink was initiated (Professor Pink’s Bio / Website)


Fall 2012 - Dubin Lab hosted two chemistry department seminar speakers this past semester: Prof Kim A. Sharp (Professor Sharp's Website) & Prof. Thomas Laue (Professor Laue's Website)

Fall 2012 - Dubin Lab climbs Mt. Sugarloaf in lieu of lab meeting

Summer 2012 - Ebru is granted 48hrs of SANS beamtime at Oak Ridge National Lab

Summer 2012 - Dubin Lab bids farewell to Yunfeng Yan as he completes his postdoc

Summer 2012 - Burcu attends Proteoglycan Gordon Research Conference

Summer 2012 - Yisheng successfully defends his dissertation and starts a posdoc at the KAUST-Cornell Center for Energy and Sustainability (KAUST-CU at Cornell)

Summer 2012 - Bingqian awarded Bradspies Research Fellowship and the Lillya

Undergraduate Research Award (UMass Chemistry Undergrad Awards Dinner)

Spring 2012 - Daniel receives $500 ICE IGERT training grant for travel to HFIR at Oak Ridge National Lab

Spring 1908 - This is a secret message from the distant past. Don’t read this. Really.