APRIL 13-14, 2013

SPONSORS:            Iowa River Gun Club and Iowa State Rifle & Pistol Association

LOCATION:             The range is located under the north end of the Center Street viaduct in downtown                                                         M                             Marshalltown, Iowa (SEE MAP)                                        

FACILITIES:             This 50 foot range has 12 firing points with turning targets. Refreshments and restroom will                                 b                              be available.

OFFICIALS:             MATCH DIRECTOR:   Jerry Flathers

                                CHIEF RANGE OFFICER:   Richard Collins

                                STATISTICAL OFFICER:   Cindy Kendall

                                OFFICIAL SUPERVISOR:   By NRA appointment

ELIGIBILITY:           Open to all competitors. Iowa residents must be members of the Iowa State Rifle & Pistol                                                                                                                                                        a                              association. Non-residents must be members of their home state association. Be prepared                             s                               to show membership cards! Applications for the ISR&PA will be available.

ENTRIES:                Entries will be limited to 48. Two relays will shoot on each of the two days of the match.                                      C                              Competitors will fire the entire match in one day. Post entries will accepted to range              a                              capacity. Competitors will be notified ONLY if the relay they desire is full. Across the board     n                              entries will be given preference.        

MATCH FEES:        Registration fee is $9.00. Entry fees are $2.50 per individual match. Across the board entry      e                              fee is $40.00 which includes the registration fee.

RULES:                    Current NRA rules for indoor pistol competition will govern the match. Alibis and refires will            b                              be allowed. Sponsors will change, score and post the targets. Scores become official 1 hour       f                               after all same day match scores are posted.

CLASSIFICATION:  The NRA classification system will be used. Competitors will provide proof of classification at

                                 time of entry. Unclassified competitors will fire in their own class. Any class with fewer than

                                 5 competitors will be combined with the next higher class. Four competitors must be

                                 entered in the High Master/Master class before a first Master award will be given.

                                 Competitors will not be separated into categories.  

SAFETY:                   All competitors are required to wear ear and eye protection.

PROGRAM:            Each relay will fire a 600 aggregate before leaving the firing line. Relays will alternate on the

                                 firing line for the aggregate of each gun. Competitors will fire 10 shots per target in matches

                                 #1 thru #3 and 5 shots per target in matches #5 thru #11.  

COURSE OF FIRE:   Match #1    .22 cal Slow Fire                                                  20 shots    

                                  Match #2    .22 cal Timed Fire                                               20 shots                      

                                  Match #3    .22 cal Rapid Fire                                                20 shots                      

                                  Match #4    .22 cal Aggregate (Matches #1 thru #3)                      

                                  Match #5    Centerfire Slow Fire                                           20 shots    

                                  Match #6    Centerfire Timed Fire                                        20 shots                      

                                  Match #7    Centerfire Rapid Fire                                         20 shots                      

                                  Match #8    Centerfire Aggregate (Matches #5 thru #7)                      

                                  Match #9    .45 cal Slow Fire                                                 20 shots    

                                  Match #10  .45 cal Timed Fire                                              20 shots                      

                                  Match #11  .45 cal Rapid Fire                                               20 shots                      

                                  Match #12  .45 cal Aggregate (Matches #9 thru #11)                      

                                  Match #13   Grand Aggregate (Matches #4 & #8 & #12)

AWARDS:                 Awards will be CASH. No competitor may receive more than one award in each match.

                                  All awards will be mailed to the competitors after the match. A special award will be given

                                  to the HIGH IOWA JUNIOR.

AWARD SCHEDULE:                                                       FIRED MATCHES     MATCHES 4,8,12     MATCH 13              

                                         Winner                                              $4.00                        $5.00                  $10.00

                                         1st in class (5 to 10 entries)            $3.00                       $4.00                    $6.00                    

                                         2nd in class (11 to 25 entries)         $2.00                       $3.00                    $5.00

                                  The IOWA STATE RESIDENT CHAMPION trophies will be awarded to the highest scoring

                                  Iowa resident in each classification in match #13. All of the trophies will be presented by

                                  the Iowa State Rifle & Pistol Association.

RELAYS:                    Saturday, April 13, 2013          Relay #1     9:00 AM

                                                                                       Relay #2     9:45 AM

                                  Sunday, April 14, 2013             Relay #3     9:00 AM

                                                                                       Relay #4     9:45 AM