Don’t Kick the Baby: Ike Broflovski

What you need:

Small amount of blue and pink DK yarn

3.75mm DP needles

Blunt darning needle

Scrap of black yarn

Small amount of black felt

Fiber fill

Craft Glue


My Ike measures 14cm high and 10cm wide. You don’t have to use DK, just make sure to use small enough needles to give a tight fabric but it will effect the size of your Ike.

Abbreviation are standard and can be found on websites such as link.

The increases and decreases follow a very predictable pattern, I’ve only written them out fully for the more nervous knitter.

Head: (knit in the round)

Cast on 6stitches, join in the round

Round1: Inc in each st (12st)

R2 (and every round unless otherwise instructed): Knit

R3: *kfb, k1* repeat to end (18st)

R5: *kfb, k2* repeat (24st)

R7: *kfb, k3* repeat (30st)

R9: *kfb, k4* repeat (36st)

R11: *kfb, k5* repeat (42st)

R13: *kfb, k6* repeat (48st)

R14-15: knit round

R16: *kfb, k7* repeat (54st)

R17-24: knit straight

R25: *k2tog, k7* repeat (48st)


R28: *k2tog, k6* repeat (42st)

R29-30: knit

R31: *k2tog, k5* repeat (36st)

R32-33: knit

R34: *k2tog, k4* repeat (30st)

R35-36: knit

At this stage you should start to stuff the head

R37: *k2tog, k3* repeat (24st)

R38: knit

R39: *k2tog, k2* repeat (18st)

R40: *k2tog, k1* repeat (12st)

Finish stuffing the head

Break yarn, sew yarn end through remaining 12st, pull tight, tie off.

This is the top of the head.

Body: beginning at legs (knit flat)

CO 10st

Row1: *kfb* repeat (20st)

R2-4: Work straight in

Break yarn, leave leg on a spare needle

Repeat for second leg - don’t break yarn

R5: knit 20st, continue knitting the 20st from the other leg (40st)

R6-16: knit straight in st. st.

R17:  k4, k2tog, k8, k2tog, k8, k2tog, k8, k2tog, k4 (36st)

R18: purl

CO - you can leave a long tail for making up

Arms: (make 2)

Using Blue

CO 14

St. st. 3 rows, break blue yarn and attach pink

St. st. 3 rows

R7: *k2tog* repeat

Break yarn, sew through stitches and seam the side

Making Up:

Face: Using some tailor’s chalk or a soft pencil, mark a line for Ike’s mouth roughly 2rows above the last increase. Embroider a straight line with the black yarn. With the felt, cut two eye circles and a smaller nose circle and glue them in place. For the hair I first drew a circle about 4cm in diameter and then cut the locks. Glue to the top of the head.

Body: Close the seams of the inside leg and up the back. Lightly stuff the arms, place them between the decreases on the sides of the body and sew in place. Using the black yarn, embroider a straight line down the front of the body and three french knots along the side for the buttons. If you don’t know what a french knot is you can simply bring the yarn to the front, tie a knot next to the body and bring the yarn through the back.

Stuff the body then sew the head to the body.