PNAA Sub-Chapter Formation


To establish clear guidelines and processes for the creation of sub-chapters in the local chapters of PNAA.

Policy........................................ 4.3



EB Reviewed and Approved.......

Substituted for...........................

Original Date........................ 09/2009


PNAA chapters should comply with the specifications listed in the policy to ensure consistency of subchapter formation.


  1. Chapters who believe they can benefit from having subchapters to improve communication to their membership; facilitate program implementation; as well as avenues for recruitment and retention may have the option of forming subchapters.

  1. Chapters should only organize subchapters within their states or in their neighboring states if there are no chapters organize in that state.

  1. Subchapters can be county or district based or it can be in a geographical area where Filipino-American nurses reside or work.

  1. A subchapter should have a minimum of at least 20 current members.

  1. The name of the subchapter should not duplicate another chapter/subchapter’s name. The subchapter’s name should be officially approved by the Executive Board of the chapter it belongs.

  1. There must be Subchapter bylaws that must be reviewed and approved by the chapter Bylaws Committee to ensure congruence with the chapter and PNAA bylaws.

  1. Upon submission of all required documents and fees, all applications for subchapter membership must be approved by the chapter Executive Board


  1. Current members planning to form a subchapter write a letter of intent to the president of their chapter.
  2. This initial letter of intent can be sent as an electronic mail or regular postal mail.  Upon approval of the chapter’s Executive Board, the chapter President or his/her designee will communicate to the interested parties to facilitate the formation of their subchapter within thirty (30) days of receipt of the letter of intent.

Required documentation

The following documents must be in order before the induction of the subchapter officers.

  1. An electronic copy of the subchapter’s bylaws should be received by the chapter’s Membership Committee Chair.
  2. Two hard copies should be included in the packet.
  3. Complete list of officers with postal mailing address, email addresses and phone numbers.
  4. List of current members interested to form the subchapter.

Review of Applicant’s Sub-Chapter Bylaws

Subchapter bylaws will be sent by the subchapter Membership Committee Chair to the chapter’s Executive Board for review of the following elements:

The chapter Bylaws Committee will notify the subchapter applicant, the chapter Membership Committee Chair, and the chapter President of any recommended changes in the subchapter bylaws for consistency with the chapter and PNAA bylaws.

The chapter Bylaws Committee will notify the chapter Membership Committee Chair that the subchapter bylaws has been reviewed for congruence within 30-60 days from receipt of documents and the subchapter applicant meets the criteria for membership.

Awarding of Membership

  1. Upon completion of the requirements for subchapter formation, the chapter Membership Chairperson will send an official recommendation to the chapter Executive Board for acceptance of the applicant as a new subchapter.
  2. Upon approval of the chapter’s Executive Board, the chapter President will send an official letter to welcome the new subchapter.
  3. The chapter’s President or his/her designee shall induct into office the officers of the subchapter.

V.        Subchapter Dissolution

A. Subchapters may be dissolved by the chapter Executive Board resolution in the absence of elected officers

B.  Reinstatement of subchapter status requires proof of election of new set of officers   and payment of membership dues to the chapter’s Treasurer.

C. Liabilities will be resolved by the subchapter and remaining funds will be turned over to the chapter.

D.  Existing members of subchapters will be sent a letter from the President of the chapter via certified mail informing them of the dissolution process. Option will be given to members to choose alternate subchapters or be classified as “member-at-large” by default.


References:                 PNAA Bylaws and Robert’s Rule of Orders

 Initial release by:         Leo-Felix Jurado, PNAA President-Elect

Dated:                        July 2008

Approved:                Rosario May Mayor

Reviewed by: Rey Rivera     Date: 6/30/12