OpenStreetMap Foundation
Management Team meeting

Nov 30th, 2011 19:00 GMT / 20:00 CET  


Expecting: Andy Allan, Henk Hoff, Harry Wood, Oliver Kühn, Steve Coast,

Present: Andy Allan, Henk Hoff, Richard Weait

Apologies: Michael Collinson, Matt Amos, Mikel Maron, Oliver Kühn

Minutes previous meeting

November 16th, 2011

Not discussed, due to low attendance

Agenda & Minutes

Fund raising drive launch on Thursday

CWG is pressing ahead with launching the fund-raiser. We’ll kick it off on Thursday (1st Dec)

Before that though on OSMF-talk we’ve already put out a post linking to these details:

So... we’ll see what we have to discuss at Wednesday’s management team meeting, but that train is in motion. (Not expecting this to come as a surprise to anybody!)

OWG will presumably place the order for the server some time very soon too.

Working Group budget proposals

LWG and CWG have not set up a budget request. They feel the USD 1.000 they have been granted by the board will be sufficient.

Responsibilities of Management Team

Andy to solicit input from Management Team and Board on codifying the division of responsibities between the two groups, and to publish these for the benifit of the OSMF members. Will also email regarding quorums for meetings, financial authority and so on.

Update from the Working Groups


DWG are going through a process of finding out which of the current members have the time to continue and those of us staying will be having a meeting soon to figure out how we can recruit more people and work more effectively in future. There's not much other than that to report at this stage.


There was a Hack Weekend in London on the 26th/27th, we had people there from the UK, US and DE. It was awesome. Thanks to Matt for Organising and MapQuest for hosting us. EWG have also refreshed the “top ten” list of tasks which can be found at 

License / Legal

LWG have draft information regarding the future of the API, history files and planet files.  Will distribute to MT and other WGs shortly for comment.

Local Chapters

Oliver and Henk have met. Will focus on the Local Chapters on the wiki which have been labeled as “incorporated” to get them a contract with the Foundation.


Full focus is on the server purchase. Grant hopes to have it completed today. OWG is also supporting CWG with the funding drive launching this week.


CWG welcomes your submissions of press members interested in OSM information.  Updates from ANY WG wishing to publish their successes or needs is welcome at CWG.  They want to help you publish your successes.  


Call for Venues is going to start December 1st and will run until December 24th. Hopefully will be able announce the winning city around Newyear.


Richard Fairhurst sent around information on the continuing suggestion review

Meeting ended 19:47 GMT

Next meeting

Wednesday Dec 14th, 7pm GMT, dial-in