Minutes from December 12th Food Not Bombs meeting

Present: Tom, Narcise


- collect utensils at servings in container of water + bleach(or vinegar) to sterilize before washing and/or boil metal utensils after washing

- wash hands & use hand sanitizer during food preparation and at servings (Mike suggested using latex gloves as an alternative)

- remind other volunteers to regularly wash/sterilize hands (or use gloves) while preparing food


- compile donations "wish list" (e.g. spices, basic non-perishable ingredients)

- create hand-outs to provide to donors with info on servings, where left-overs are donated, etc

- gather some info explaining FNB to put on the Food Not Lawns newsletter (most of this info can probably be gathered from FNB websites)

- make Xmas thank-you cards for businesses and vendors who've donated this year, contact volunteers who've expressed interest in helping with cards


- two possible dates for the serving were discussed, Thursday Dec. 27th and Monday Dec. 31st. They are near the end of the month during the holidays and fill gaps in local community meals as listed in the London Meal Calendar.

- Monday Dec. 31st was decided to be the date of the FNB serving because 1) it's the only day that has NO community meals listed for anywhere in London, and 2) it's right after a weekend, maximizing the available sources we might get donations from. Not as many sources may be available during the week to collect for a Thursday serving, and it's too close to Christmas as well. Produce and other donated perishables might not last if collected over the prior weekend. (Regular end-of-the-month servings will resume in January.)

- there is still enough time to arrange food pick-ups closer to serving

- the possibility of an additional Thursday Dec. 27th serving (which is closer to Christmas) is still on the table if enough volunteers come forward who are willing to seek donations and help with cooking.