Appy New Year

Ed Fund Luncheon January 2011

New Year’s Resolutions of the iPod Touch

My name is Molly Schroeder and I am the Elementary Technology integration specialist and I have brought four students from Highlands Elementary School with me to share some of the exciting learning they have been doing over the past year and a half.

This is Russell, Benno, Haley and Emily.

In 2010, the Edina Ed Fund awarded the Highlands Media Specialist a grant to purchase iPod Touches.  Because of the positive learning experience the iPods provided there are now 60 iPod Touches for the students at Highlands to engage with for learning.  

The 5 of us would like to wish you all an “Appy New Year” and share some “New Year’s Resolutions” that we think the iPod touch can help the students accomplish this year in learning.

Did you know there are over 5,400 educational Apps for the iTouch and iPad, and over 1.000 of those are free?  We’d like to share a few Apps with you and how the students are learning from them in the classroom.

Engaging and Participatory Learning

Babble Words: Benno

Appy New Year!  My name is Benno and I am in 3rd Grade

One of my favorite Apps that we have used for learning is Babble Words.  I have used the App Babble Words to make and learn new words.  The levels start at easy and then get harder.  


Individualized and Personalized Learning

Cash Cow: Russell

 Appy New Year!  My name is Russell and I am in 3rd Grade

An App that we have used in math class is Cash Cow.


In this App you learn about coins.  You try to add up different coins to equal a bigger coin or dollar.


I like learning this way because it is a fun game and there are special "things" that you earn for doing well at the game.  If I don't get something right, I just try again to pass that level.

Pass all my math facts test and have FUN!

Pop Math: Hayley


Appy New Year!  My name is Hayley and I am in 5th Grade.

Our class uses Pop Math to practice our math facts.  It is so much fun because sometimes on paper the problems are not at your level.  Pop Math allows you to choose different operations and levels for your learning.


It is also good learning for me because it tells me how many seconds it took and how many I got correct.


There are some other Apps that get easier and harder depending on if you get the answer correct or not.


Provide Feedback and Progress Checks

As you can see, and you’ve heard that one of the great features of most Apps is that they provide instant feedback and progress checks for the Apps.  Students are able to monitor their own progress and learning.

Teach Students Real World Problem Solving



I'm a part of the Highlands Tech Club that helps Lisa our Media Specialist with the ipod Touches.  It takes a lot of time to get the iPod Touches ready for learning.  Lisa has to buy apps, download and sync the iPods, train the teachers and organize when each teacher gets to use them.


In Tech Club we help her to change settings and backgrounds on the Touch and learn how they really work so they are ready for other students to use in their classrooms.




Our class used the microphone and voice recorder to record our voice reading.  Then we got to see what we needed to work on for fluency.  There are a lot of Apps that will let you read ebooks too.

Communicate, Collaborate, Create, Publish, Share



Appy New Year!  My name is Emily and I am in 5th Grade.

Our classed used POW Comic Strip design in Library to create a comic strip about our favorite book.


We could take pictures of the book and characters, put them in a comic strip, add other graphics and text and then share our project with our friends.


It was really fun to learn about other people's favorite books this way.



Our class used POW strip design to write big numbers.  We wrote numbers for each of our pictures and then organized them into a 4 picture comic strip to make big numbers.

One Day I’ll Grow Up to be an Ipad

Interactive technology like the iPod Touch and iPad will allow us to extend the classroom beyond the classroom walls and unleash student’s passion for learning.  The past few days I’ve spent some time in Jamie Johansen’s 1st grade math class and each time the students have the option to use the iPod Touchs I hear a collective “Oh Yea, Yes!”

Clearly, the iTouch has captured the attention and engagement of these kids, but we all still know that great teachers and teaching is the real success behind the story.  

The potential of touch, mobile, App learning is just being tapped and we have no idea what the next new thing might be.  But, for today, in January 2011 in these student’s classrooms, they are having fun while learning and gaining skills they will need to continue that passion of learning throughout the rest of their education and life.

Thank you to the parents, Ed Fund, community, teachers, administrators for giving us the opportunity to teach these kids in innovative and engaging ways.