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General Information

r/ps3bf3 is a community for Battlefield 3 players to find fellow team mates playing on PS3. We are a tight knit but large community, some of us having played together since Battlefield: Bad Company 2. If you are new here don't be afraid, we are here to help!  New players are welcome and encouraged to participate.

Subreddit Flair

To add your PSN ID and region next to your reddit username on /r/ps3bf3/ posts and comments, you will need to edit your flair.  You can do so by clicking “edit” (located under the main subreddit name and subscribe button in the right hand menu bar) then entering your PSN user ID and selecting the region that is applicable to you.

How to play with other Redditors

Community Coordinators

These are direct points-of-contact for players who are new to r/ps3bf3 or those who would like some help getting into our matches. If you need help, you can send these people messages on reddit as well as in-game via their PSN ID. Friend requesting Community Coordinators will make it easy for you to drop in on our matches.  If contacting via PSN, please include that you are from Reddit. See their info in the players list for contact information. If you are interested in being a coordinator, please PM spiralout154 or usernamecharlie on reddit to ask to have “Coordinator” added to your listing.


Factions are one of the ways we connect with new players and existing friends. Anyone can create a faction, either for fun or for serious competition. In r/ps3bf3 we encourage users to create their own factions.

Some factions will be made made for fun and others for serious coordinated game playing or both. Factions may be based on geographical locations or any criteria the faction leader chooses. Each faction will have its own rules and requirements for entry. If you have created a faction and are looking for other redditors to join, fill out this form, and it will be automatically added to the list of factions. Users will have the option to join your faction however it will be up to faction leaders to generate interest.

/r/ps3bf3/ Players List

The moderators of this subreddit maintain a voluntary list of players, which is a great way to find redditors in your timezone who play BF3 on PS3.  If you are looking for people to play with, have a look at the list and add the Coordinators from your time zone and other players.  You can also add yourself to the list, using this form.  This list is intended to reflect BF3 players and Community Coordinators from /r/ps3bf3/, in order to facilitate making connections and is not a clan.

Get on our servers!

Many of our users have rented out their own servers that we tend to play on. Just search for "PS3BF3" in the server browser and they'll come up! This is a great way to find other rdt playing at the same time!

All servers listed here

Want to add your server to the list? Just fill out this form

Server Owners: Please PM spiralout154 your email to be able to edit the document. Server owners are responsible for keeping the list up to date.


General Leadersboards

Board 1

Board 2

Password: redditisfun

TeamSpeak Voice Chat

If patience is not your greatest virtue and you would like to hop right into an active match, considering using Teamspeak 3 to connect with redditors playing at the moment.  Teamspeak is a voice chat system in use by many /r/ps3bf3/ players.  It was initially implemented due to the horrible in-game VOIP chat.  After the VOIP was fixed many have continued to use, as it offers many advantages. Using TeamSpeak we are able to communicate with more than 4 people at one time and continue to communicate between games, in the event of disconnects or system freezes. If you are able to use a mic with a computer or smart phone while you play PS3, (text chat is supported but often not read during gameplay) consider downloading the appropriate version of Teamspeak 3 (there are apps available for Android and iPhone). For help getting both In-Game Audio and TeamSpeak through your headset, see this post. If you use the Official Sony Stereo Headset check out this video. We use lots of our own terminology when playing the game that may be confusing to new players. For a quick explanation of the words we use check out this post.

TeamSpeak Connection Details

This server was kindly hosted by reddit ID Mutjny for /r/ps3bf3/.  If you already have TeamSpeak 3 installed and click this link, it will launch the TeamSpeak 3 application and connect automatically.  For manual connection, input ps3bf3ts.dyndns.org as the server in the setup. The password for the server is redditisfun.  If you have any trouble with the server address, you can input the IP directly:  If you have problems getting connected or set up, please post in /r/ps3bf3/ or contact reddit ID spiralout154 or Mutjny for help. For step-by-step instructions on setting up TeamSpeak, please check out this helpful picture guide.

IRC Text Chat

Harkening back to the glory of the late 90s, our IRC channel ran by reddit ID snackle, is a mix of game talk, shootin’ the shit and ridiculous degeneracy to which all are welcome.  If you are having problems finding a match, getting added to the list or having your friend requests accepted, there is likely someone in the IRC capable and willing to assist.  Many moderators, faction leaders and /r/ps3bf3/ regulars hang out there so it’s a great way to get to know some folks.  Click here to chat or connect to irc.gamesurge.net port 6667 and join #rdtclan if you have your own client.  Ironically enough, this channel is not associated with rdtclan.

YouTube Channels

Check out some of our users YouTube channels for new Battlefield 3 related videos!

Channels are listed here. Subscribers with their own channel can submit a link here. Subscribe to your favorite channels to help support the PS3 community and stay up to date with new videos.

General Strategy Guides and Tips

General BF3 Game Information

Frequently Asked Questions

I just got this game, what is the best way for me to start playing with you guys?

A good start is to read all the stuff above and do all the things (join a faction, add yourself to the list, friend a Community Coordinator, friend more people, drop in on teamspeak and IRC chat). Many new users have claimed that hopping on TeamSpeak or the IRC chat was the best way to find people playing at the same time. Feel free to ask who has room on their friends list and add others looking for friends. Don’t be surprised if some people don’t respond, many of us have full friends lists and it’s nothing personal. You can also jump in one of our servers listed above. Just look for players with the “rdt” clan tag and try sending a friend request. Always try to mention you are from reddit in a friend request message.

What is the point of factions?

Factions can be created by anybody and are a way to organize with other players. We have several types of factions. Our main use of the factions is for community battles, team building and providing a means for players to invest in building the community.  Users are free to create new ones if they like, that would cater to their own preference.

How do I change/add my clan tag?

The clan tag can only be changed in Battlelog. Click "Edit profile" in the top bar on Battlelog and under "Soldier settings" you can add or change your tag.

Can I add more than one account to my Battlelog?

Yes you can! Simply set up a new account and in the Battlefield 3 menu, activate your Battlelog account using the same info from when you first created your Battlelog.

I’m not good at flying a helicopter and I don't want to crash it during a game while trying to practice, how do I get better?

There is a Co-Op mission named Fire From The Sky that involves flying a helicopter. Try finding someone to play that mission with and you can practice over and over.

How do I get my PSN name next to my Reddit name like other people?

In the top right corner of the sidebar select "edit" next to your name and add your PSN name and region.

What if I don't have a mic or access to TeamSpeak?

Having a mic is not a requirement, just a suggestion. By being able to communicate, it will make the game more enjoyable and allow for good teamwork. It is highly suggested that you get a mic if you can (even a cheap $20 one will work fine), but if you don't that's perfectly fine. If you don't have a mic but can still have TeamSpeak, we suggest that you download and use it. Just being able to listen to your fellow players is a huge advantage and a good way to learn. For those who don't have access to TeamSpeak, you are of course still welcome! Read some strategy guides and learn how to play as a team. This game is all about teamwork and even if you can't communicate, knowing how to work for the benefit of your team will give you an advantage.

What if I have a personal problem with a player and wish to complain?

/r/ps3bf3/ is a subreddit, not an organization or a clan.  Most players are reasonable adults who contribute to a respectful and welcoming environment, however there is no code or rules of conduct.  Faction leaders may at their own discretion, choose to address internal faction conflict if they wish to do so, as those are small organizations and issues may be appropriately dealt with at that level.  There is however no overarching policy or set of rules.  While moderators of /r/ps3bf3/ encourage respectful behaviour, any activities felt to be inappropriate will need to be dealt with on a personal level through blocking, leaving game, muting or other means.  Subreddit posts or comments that require action due to violations of reddiquette will be dealt with when appropriate but personal beefs do not typically factor into consideration.  Essentially, if you or anyone has a problem, please sort it out appropriately amongst yourselves.  This is not a daycare :)