The Sea

   The indications says that we have to choose our favorite word in English and write about the emotions, the experiences… and all we feel and think when we heard about that word. I have got a lot of good memories related with different “words”. However, I am going to use this paper to write about the sea.

   As you can imagine, when I remember the sea, I also think about the summer and the holidays that students and teachers expect. Four years ago, my family and me went to Noja for holidays. When we arrived at the apartment my brother chose the bed that is near the window (he always does it) and that is the moment when I think “our holiday begins”.

   In the morning we go to the beach, I take off my sandals very fast because I like feeling that I am really on the beach. My brother and me run to the water and my father follows us. My mother never bathes in the sea, she doesn’t like it. Later we eat something and then we come back to the apartment because my father likes to lie down on the sofa for a siesta.

   In the afternoon, we go to the beach again and my brother and me try to make a bath in the beach with some sand, so we can relax in it. In the evening we always go to have dinner in the town and walk for a while; and at night I like sleeping with my brother, so I can talk with him before it. ¡I love going on holidays with him!

   This year I did not go with him because my brother has not got any time (he had some exams) and I knew that it would not be the same without him. However, I am sure that I will see the sea this summer… I could not be another year without visiting the sea... without feeling the hot sand under my feet.

¡It is an amazing feeling!