Robot Diaries Summer Plan

Robert Ruddle and Tanner Huffman

We are planning to write two separate curricula. One will be a standalone curriculum and the other will be an interdisciplinary curriculum. It is important to offer both because different schools have different needs.

We decided to both work the same schedule 9am-4pm on the same dates.

We will be coming into the lab each of the scheduled days.

During the week of July 12-16 we will begin by delivering sample lessons.

Then, we will identify which standards we are going to focus on for the curricula. Once we have identified the standards, we will create a scope and sequence for teaching the units of the curriculum. On Wednesday, we are going to visit the Carnegie Museum of Art - particularly the Egyptian Art collection - to get some inspiration for the interdisciplinary unit.  We will then begin the curriculum writing for the first two units (of six) of each curriculum.  We are planning to have the units completed for a peer review on Friday.

July 20th Benchmark - Units 1 and 2 completed, reviewed and tested.

During the week of July 19-23 we begin by piloting activities from the units we wrote the previous week.  We will then take time to revise based on the results.  On Wednesday we are planning to visit the CY Lab to help get ideas related to integrating biometrics into the curriculum.  We will work on Units 3 and 4 for each curriculum and have a peer review of those units on Friday.

July 27th Benchmark - Units 3 and 4 completed, reviewed and tested.

During the next week, we are only planning to work on Monday and Tuesday because of scheduling conflicts.  During these two days, we are planning to pilot activities from Units 3 and 4 from each curriculum and make revisions based on the results.

During the week of August 2 - 6, we are going to work on Units 5 and 6.  We are planning to have these units completed by Tuesday and begin working on the appendices and supplementary documents for each curriculum.  These may included handouts, teacher instructions, letters to parents, etc.  We are planning to have our final review Friday morning and make final revisions Friday afternoon.

August 10th  Benchmark - Units 5 and 6 completed, reviewed and tested.

Clarifying questions

Deliverables: please create a detailed list of documents / other artifacts that you will deliver by the end of the summer session / by the beginning of August. Include curriculum, media, examples (photo/video - what format, actual robots for demo), letter to parents, hand outs "shopping lists" (of what you need the lab to give you and otherwise)  etc.

What is a unit?  Each unit will represent a Big Idea.  For example, there might be a unit for inputs and outputs or a unit for programming.  As for the cross-disciplinary curriculum, the units will represent the different components.  For example, there will be a science component, a history component, etc.

What is the peer review your refer to on Fridays? During the peer reviews, the curriculum writers will evaluate each others progress for the week and make suggestions for improvement.

Anything specific you hope to learn at CyLab?

How does this relate to Robot Diaries? How does this relate to the curriculum at your school?

At CyLab, we are planning to learn about biometrics.  We are hoping to find ways to integrate this concept into both curricula.

Anything specific you hope to learn at NREC?

How does this relate to Robot Diaries? How does this relate to the curriculum at your school?

Anything specific you hope to learn with Whittaker?

How does this relate to Robot Diaries? How does this relate to the curriculum at your school?

What does the final review on August 6 include?During the final review, we will evaluate each other's curriculum and it will be able to other people for review. 

Please allow in schedule for group feedback  time - after testing each lesson.  It has been added to the schedule.

Is there a chance on the schedule to test teach units 5+6? We can probably do this during the last week.  Hopefully, we can develop most the supplementary materials while we are developing the unit.  We just wanted to make sure we had time allotted if we needed it.  If possible, we could do the testing in one day.  For example, we could do Roberts in the morning and Tanners in the afternoon.  Or, we can try to make time to do it over two days like in the previous weeks.

When are your schools starting back?

Robert: August 23, kids August 26

Tanner: August 23, kids August 25

How many times are you planing to implement the curriculum?

Robert: 1 time or 4 times. all the students at the same time in different period or 4 times (every nine weeks) 14 students per classroom.

Tanner: 4-6 times

Do you have an idea of when in the year you are going to implement the curriculum, and how many times, how many students? 

Robert: 1 time with 54 students: middle of September

or 4 times with 14 students : beginning of September

Tanner: Beginning of September (25 students each class)

Side notes (outside the planning document):

Robert, do you have examples of cross-disciplinary curriculum previously developed at your school? I will see if I can get my hands on some.  The eighth grade did a unit on snowfall this last school year.

We would like you to continue the blog I have started including reflections and documentation (photo and video) from your process throughout the summer. I will set up logins for you. Clara will provide you the flip-cam and a digital camera. If you need any support doing this, I will be glad to help.